Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Juticalpa Week 28

Hey family!! A good week, filled with ups and downs, but definitely have seen the hand of the Lord here in Juticalpa. 

lunes- we played bball as a zone it was super awesome because i'm the only gringo elder so  i kinda balled it up haha. 

But yeah on Tuesday it was pretty slow, and we tried putting a fecha with jonathan, but he just doesn't feel ready. He just doesn't feel repentant yet. This week we really tried to work with the members, so now i've figured out where pretty much all of the members live here now. Its always hard because we have to be so patient with them  haha. At night we were contacting and at the door this lady just straight up gave us dinner. So that was cool haha. and we taught her and the family. 

ON Thursday we had a crazy experience, this one guy and his mom who we are teaching are super interesting. They came to church this sunday with us . But the guy, delber is just nuts. And elder paz began to argue with him in the lesson, but luckily i got everything calmed down . but after elder paz began to cry and feel really guilty, and so i was like, ight man lets just sit down and take it easy, ya know? haahha so he began to pray and stuff and i was just sititng and I SAT IN A HUGE PILE OF ANTS!! IT WAS AWFUL!! They had crawled up my bag and were all over my bag and stuff. I literally got bit like 30 times on my neck and arms. haha and whilst i was yelling and freaking out haha elder paz was still praying, and i was like BRO! haha but its all good, we ended up having a sweet lesson with a catholic family who really accepted the restoration. 

Anyways! we brought delber and elsisa to  church, unfortunately no one else came. This week was hard because lots of appointments fell and stuff, but luckily god blessed us a bunch to where we have found lots of people like at the end of the day when we were tired and super worn out. I have really studied hope this week, and how we can have hope for the blessings God has promised us. i outlined blessings promised in my missionary call letter and have really kept them in my heart as we have been working here.  I know that Heavenly Father is here with us, and He really guides this work (even though sometimes it isn't super easy) .

Had a great week!!! Love yall!!

I have a firm hope that we can help these people change and progress, only through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

Elder Wagner