Saturday, October 31, 2015

Juticalpa Week 35

It has been a good week (what looks to have been my last here in juticalpa) My heart is with all of you for the funeral of Grandma Wagner. 

Speaking of which, in reference to this week, i had a cool experience about Grandma.  On Sunday, in priesthood, (we have Sunday school, then priesthood, then sacrament mtg here) the branch presidency asked me to give a talk, last second -- haha. But i literally had no idea what to talk about. As we entered the sacrament meeting, i still had no idea what to say. But, upon pondering as I took the sacrament, and thinking about the Atonement and what it is has offered for me, I began to think about how, with out the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, I and everyone else would not have a chance for eternal life. And that i could not see my family again. Then i thought about Grandma Wagner, and her recent passing. As i thought about these things, I got called to speak and I began to bear my testimony of the Plan of Salvation, and how i knew, with 100 surety that I would see grandma again, all thanks to Our Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ. I talked about how we shouldn't lose these basic truths that we have thanks to the restored gospel, and i shared Moroni 10:32, about how can become perfected in Christ, thanks to His grace, if we do our part. I felt the Spirit testifying strongly through me about these simple truths that we have, and that we should do all that we can to help others to understand these truths. 

What a great experience that was, and I am so grateful for the Spirit guiding me and also comforting me with this knowledge that we have. Grandma Wagner will be missed, but, we will all we able to see her again, becuase of what Christ did for each and every one of us. How grateful i am for the Atonement!

Other things that happened this week: we have found a bunch of families, and I know that we can bring one of them to baptism! Already they are reading and praying about the book of Mormon, and like these 5 families couldn't come to church this Sunday but the next. I have a surety that at least one will get baptized (the most positive is a couple that is married!!) She had a great experience reading the book of mormon and praying, and she told us so excitedly that she had hugged the Book of Mormon despues haha. 

the fecha we have, David is awesome, he is the only investigator i have had so far who does the additional study questions in the back of the pamphlets haha. super cool. a shame i'm leaving tomorrow (we think so, but we haven't received the call yet) It has a been a good time with elder paz, i have learned a bunch from him, and he now isn't pedro anymore (haha i got him to talk more animatedly and stuff ) We'll see where i go next... 

Also i had a crazy dog experience! there was one dog down this one street and elder paz is always so scared, but i was like, lets go down here, and then literally 20 dogs came out from the monte (mountain), the super tall grass and they almost started to chase us, luckily we didn't run. I think the Lord protected us on that one. 

I love you everyone! Saludos a todos! 

Elder Wagner says hi to all of the cousins and aunts and uncles! 


Elder Wagner

Click Here for a link to Riley's Grandmother's obituary.

Juticalpa Week 34

wow great to hear from y'all. the emails were all great.

Alright so the reason i'm writing today and not yesterday is because we went to these crazy caves in catacamas! but the zone leaders planned it pretty poorly so we didn't get back until 6 at night, without dinner or lunch. so i don't think the missionaries from juticalpa are going to be able to go to the caves again. But yeah we got back and then the power went out. The power goes out so often its so frustrating because we cant work. 

But yeah other than that we had a good week, with Sunday an answer from our prayers. we've really been struggling because we don't have any people we know that we are going to baptize for sure for sure, so we were just praying so hard and working so hard that we could get, at least one new investigator to church who can be ready to be baptized (because our others just have problems that have been insurmountable.} i think with the Kevin guy, he is moving to the states, without his girlfriend, so we hope that we can give him the dates to get baptized there in Miami. i swear everyone here goes to Miami. And Devin is still coming to church, he just has mighty struggles with smoking and he returned to drinking, which kind of was not good . But yeah the miracle from God was that our prayer was answered miraculously on sunday!!! A guy named david showed up, he had been with the missionaries for like 2 years ago, and he went to church a couple of times but then had moved. But yeah he is super fijo for the 14 of november. But yeah transfers are next week, and it looks like i will leave (we dont know yet, but it is highly probable) sure gonna miss juticalpa, it has been hard here but i have learned a lot. 

Oh haha i used a new way to ask for references, i call i the 'pity' way, and it's worked!!! I just talk how we are sweating all day under this dang sun, and we want to know where your friends live. haha we've been getting way more! 

Oh yeah the caves were super cool!!! and cheap! if i come back to Honduras i'd take y'all there. it was super chill because the guide just let us go off the path a lot and there were so many bats. and at the end there was a cemetery with dead people from 300-700 before Christ, super interesting slash scary haha. they said there was a lot of unexplored stuff too, it was huge, with lots of passages. 

I love y'all! I really wish i could be with everyone at Grandmas funeral, but yeah that is super cool that me and Tyler are honorary pall bearers, made me tear up a bit reading that. It just brings me back to the absolute trueness of the gospel, it really gives us so much peace. 

And way to go Jacquie for testifying at work!! Happy birthday and that's awesome!

i'm planning on buying stuff on Monday before i leave here, i bet the nativities will show up like in December. i will keep my eyes peeled.

love yall! 

Love, Elder Wagner

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Juticalpa Week 33

Hey family!

writing somewhat late today because we decided to embark at 530 in the morning to go and climb this mountain! it was super fun but yeah we got to some serious jungle craziness. i found a baby snake. we also found this guy who decided to guide us through the jungle coffee growth and we were just following him it was nuts i ran into this huge beehive, and the four sister missionaries were right behind me luckily i didn't get stung or anything i just ran, but unfortunately they got bitten a few times. i really didn't mean to and all i could do was just tell them to run! haha. but yeah we are super tired haha. 

Yeah so last night the power went out at like 5 so we just hung out at the house all night and i got the call from mission presidents wife that Grandma Wagner had passed away.  We have all lost a great teacher and mother, and Grandma Wagner will be greatly missed. But, as I thought about it all, How grateful i am for the Gospel, and our knowledge of the Plan of Salvation! It gives us all so much hope and peace, and we know that Grandma is now happy, freed from the pains of mortal life. I am so grateful for that, that we know what happens after death, and, thanks to Our Savior, we will all overcome death. God really is our loving Heavenly Father.

But yeah this week was interesting we did a bunch of contacting on Tuesday . and on Wednesday we had a super powerful lesson with our investigator, Kevin (the one that reads the blog haha, he keeps showing us pictures) The problem is that he is going to the states soon and doesn't want to get married :(   

However! We found a super hilarious guy named Kewin, he is so funny! and he really is looking for the truth! like during the 1st lesson he like changed his seating position and just ripped his pants! and then it happened again so he went and changed in the middle of the lesson. I was laughing so hard and so was he hahaha. We also had interviews with President, which basically took all day. The sun seemed super bright this week and a lot of mud from the rain. Also i had a good fast, and we had a super great branch council, it think the branch is going to fast to help us find families. 

Good week overall, i m really trying to be and get animated! Cheerful! my ponderized scrip was from 2 Nephi 10:26.  it talked about that we have the power to choose eternal life, and that we must cheer up our hearts! 

Love you! 
Love, Elder Wagner

Elder Wagner and Fred the snake

Friday, October 9, 2015

Juticalpa Week 32

general conference was sick i feel so fat spiritually and so pumped to work this week. I also felt that it went by wayyy too fast haha. But no yeah it was awesome, like many of you, I loved Larry Lawrences talk! It was so applicable! I also learned a lot from the talk eyring gave on the Holy Ghost.. Also it was an amazing experience to watch and hear the testimonies of the 3 new apostles. I also loved bednars talk about the old apsotles and how they combat with age. Unfortunately only one investigator came to conference, after a week of inviting everyone :/ BUT, he is super awesome looking for the truth. Haha he found the blog mom! and he showed us the pic of me and elder paz. problem is that he has a girlfriend. 

But yeah we had quite the experience Thursday or Friday. It was late, and we didn't have anything to do but contact, so i asked, kind of in frustration, which calle, this one that one or this one, and elder paz was like This one! so we went, found this house (we both could've sworn that we had contacted this house before... and that we had talked with this woman before... it was like  a deja vu or something) but then she let us in and we just started talking to her and her husband. After getting to know them, we had an amzing 1st lesson, and she told us after that she had prayed that morning at 3 for guidance in her life. So we answered their prayers! it was so cool, and they accepted the restoration. The problem is that the guy needs to divorce his old wife and then we have to marry them.. (But gratefully they have money and are willing to do the sacrifice to pay for their wedding to be baptized!) Sure was an answer to our prayers, because other than that we really haven't had all that much success. I know that the Lord watches us and continues to guide us, and sometimes we just have to be super patient until He answers. 

I also started this week off PONDERIZE
i hope everybody one can ponderize a scripture every week!!! i want to hear back from yall on the scriptures you chose and how it went

haha hope yall have a good week! its been quite rainy and at the same time super hot. lots of mud. and the power goes out like all of the time here so annoying

Love y'all!!

Love Elder Wagner

Elder Wagner & Elder Paz

Elder Wagner

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Juticalpa Week 31

Hey family!! 

good to hear from y'all!!! this week was filled with lots of work! Elder Paz and I set a goal to have 10 people in church this Sunday, so we decide to have 20 people commit to come to church. so yeah we really worked hard this week, found a lot of new people as well.

However,we only had 3 in church,. a little frustrating because we went all out woke up super early and did divisions with or lider misional and a rm and we went to walk some investigators but they basically rejected us. so this week we just have to find better people who wont lie to us, it reminds me Of what president nelson told us when he was here, that if an investigator lies and doesn't keep his/ her appointment or doesn't go through commitments, they definitely are not honest enough to take upon themselves the covenant of baptism. Presdient Ferman has really focused on that as well, that we really need way better converts. Speaking of which, we've been really working hard with Devin, we put another fecha for the 17 this month (3rd times the charm ) he will be an amazing convert he just still has his problem with smoking. But we are going to fast with him this week and also give him a blessing.that, coupled with prayers of faith and his study of the Book of Mormon will get him to baptism and true conversion. Other than that the other guy we were teaching who is quitting smoking just started working on Sundays :/  But on Friday we had intercambios with the zone leaders and i went to catacamas and elder paz found an awesome prepared guy! He came to church, and he has really been searching the truth. We will see with that.

other than that, we had a pretty crazy Sunday because I gave a talk like last minute lol and elder paz taught gospel principles and we both taught elders quorum. Really felt like we were carrying the branch. But yeah we had an excellent ward council afterwards, and we are really starting to gain their confidence. It has been really cool to see how this branch has changed since i first saw it. 

ate a bread. called {pan de pan{  bread of bread? but it was super delicious. Ony have the goldfish left, but i do feel fatter. We've been running in the mornings. crazy stuff haha.

super pumped for conference. But i think our leaders might make a rule that if we don't have investigators we wont be able to watch some :/ but hopefully we can bring everyone and their mom to church this weekend.

Love y'all!!!

May we never lose the awe of Atonement, and of the restored truths that we know, including the Book of Mormon and that fact that we have a living prophet that guides this church.

Love, Elder Wagner

Elder Wagner at a well

Elder Paz fixing a well

Elder Wagner

Elder Wagner again 

killing ants

Looking for people to teach  ;)

a little pizza time

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Juticalpa Week 30

hey familia!

this was a good week, filled with lots of finding and trying to replace investigators that just aren't progressing (or we cant find them haha) (or they don't answer their phones) 

but yeah! lunes the power went out again, so we couldn't work :( 
butt martes we had a big day found a lot of new people to teach.

this week alejandro, the one with the super powerful tstimnoy on the book of mormon... his now pregnant gf doesnt want anything to do with us :/ but hes so awesome!! 

another guy 51 yer old israel came to church for the 2nd time, we have him for the 3rd of octover, looking pretty good there, we hope and pray that he can cumplir con la palabra de sabiduria and castidad. 

Devin! we put antoher date for the 26th! he is down to 2 cigarrettes ad ay and now is dropping that and coffee cold turkey (and he hasnt drank for like a 1 montha nd a half now!) 

alos en jjueve s we found a old guy and he came to church with us! he just is super old, has a hernia (a really bad one, it stikcs out eeekk haha) 

OH AND ON FRIDAY I GOT MY PACKAGES (haha emily sent me one too ) 
Also i have very good plans to put sausage in the mac and cheese
fruit snacks
oh and the slim jims are so dope, i gave the latinos a couple and they went crazy over them haha. but yes, thanks so much for the package mom:) and the pictures of my nephew!! 

on domingo was a really slow day... and then all of our good appointments at night fell. So it was like 7 at night, and we really had no idea what to do, so we decided to pray. we were so tired bec we had pretty much walked and contacted all day,  but I know God answers prayers and HE gave us strength, energy and also the Spirit , which guided us to 2 guys who talked to missionaries in tegucigalpa, but then they moved. I just know that God is alwasy there, and we have to be Patient, patient not meaning not doing anything and waiting, but, waiting whilst doing and working. working with teh firm hope that God will go through with His promises. That is true patience. 

I love you guys! transfers tomorrow so that'll be interesting, elder paz and i staying here for another change for sure. The Gospel really is true, and there literally so many blessings waiitng for us, all we have to do is obey. 

I CANT wiat for general conference! (those tlaks if you send me them need to be in mp3 format)

Love, Elder Wagner

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Juticalpa Week 29

Hey fam!

this was a pretty awesome week actually, we saw a lot of results of our hard work this week. Although like 2 or 3 times in the night the light went out like at 6ish 7 which was super annoying because we aren't allowed to work when there is now power. We almost went to the appointments we had, but then i was like, would mom want me walking around in complete darkness? haha so we obeyed, and the guy we usually have apppointments with at like 7 at night, devin, va a bautizarse este sabado. so there's not much damage from that, i know that there are lots of blessings from being obedient. But yeah we really kicked of the week good, me and Elder Paz have really been planing more efficiently, and in pretty much all of the lessons we are super unified. Which is awesome. The time with elder paz is really going by super fast.

But yeah we found some really awesome investigators!! We found this 51 year old israel, we put a date with him and he came to church! and his former wife is a member! she goes to the other rama. And we also found an awesome 19 year old, alejandro. Like we taught him the restaauracion en la calle, and then the next day we gave him a book of mormon. then the next day! we showed up and had prayed and he said he felt something that he had never ever felt before, something so good and great, and he knew that what we've been teaching him is true. He also came to church and is super animated for his baptism (except we found out that he has a gf..., but well work with that. We also have a couple that came to church too and we are planning to marry them and baptize them. looks like we are going to be hurting on food haha. 

yesterday was sweet, always love the opportuntiy to fast, even though it can be super hard. 

also we were teaching a lesson to a family and this car parks and started blasting nickebalk, if today was your last day... hahah idk but it really pumped me up in the lesson to teach and be the instrument in the lords hands to have the Spirit /(although it is always hard here to have good environments for the Spirit because there is always loud music regaton stuff. 

but yeah a super awesome week. but yeah elder paz really has taught me a lot, last week when i was struggling (and him too) because like there are other missionaries here that have way more baptisms and everything, and they are so disobedient. But elder paz showed me the scrip in mosiah where it talks about the peopel who were patient in their afflictions. flip i cant think of where it is exactly haha. 

mom- yeah we are going to teguc this wednesday so i should get my package then. also with the general conf talks, they need to be in mp3 format to work. and if you could get me some efy music that would be dope! or motab too:)

love yall!! thanks for all of your prayers in my behalf!

Love, Elder Wagner

Elder Paz's first baptism

Elder Bingham, Elder Wagner, Elder Paz

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Juticalpa Week 28

Hey family!! A good week, filled with ups and downs, but definitely have seen the hand of the Lord here in Juticalpa. 

lunes- we played bball as a zone it was super awesome because i'm the only gringo elder so  i kinda balled it up haha. 

But yeah on Tuesday it was pretty slow, and we tried putting a fecha with jonathan, but he just doesn't feel ready. He just doesn't feel repentant yet. This week we really tried to work with the members, so now i've figured out where pretty much all of the members live here now. Its always hard because we have to be so patient with them  haha. At night we were contacting and at the door this lady just straight up gave us dinner. So that was cool haha. and we taught her and the family. 

ON Thursday we had a crazy experience, this one guy and his mom who we are teaching are super interesting. They came to church this sunday with us . But the guy, delber is just nuts. And elder paz began to argue with him in the lesson, but luckily i got everything calmed down . but after elder paz began to cry and feel really guilty, and so i was like, ight man lets just sit down and take it easy, ya know? haahha so he began to pray and stuff and i was just sititng and I SAT IN A HUGE PILE OF ANTS!! IT WAS AWFUL!! They had crawled up my bag and were all over my bag and stuff. I literally got bit like 30 times on my neck and arms. haha and whilst i was yelling and freaking out haha elder paz was still praying, and i was like BRO! haha but its all good, we ended up having a sweet lesson with a catholic family who really accepted the restoration. 

Anyways! we brought delber and elsisa to  church, unfortunately no one else came. This week was hard because lots of appointments fell and stuff, but luckily god blessed us a bunch to where we have found lots of people like at the end of the day when we were tired and super worn out. I have really studied hope this week, and how we can have hope for the blessings God has promised us. i outlined blessings promised in my missionary call letter and have really kept them in my heart as we have been working here.  I know that Heavenly Father is here with us, and He really guides this work (even though sometimes it isn't super easy) .

Had a great week!!! Love yall!!

I have a firm hope that we can help these people change and progress, only through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

Elder Wagner

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Juticalpa Week 27

what a surprise this week!

We got a visit from President Russell M Nelson on Saturday! we found out on Wednesday  at zone conference. 
on saturday we went to  teguc super early and us and mission Tegucigalpa  were all there in a stake center so many missionaries. but yeah it was SO AWESOME!! Wow seriously my testimony grew that we actually have living prophets and apostles is so true. seriously president nelson was so funny, and he would occasionally say phrases in Spanish ahah. but yeah at they beginning we all got to shake his hand, along with presidnet duncan, presidente of the area central america. so dope!!!! wow it was such an awesome experience. president nelson left us also with this sick apostolic blessing upon our mission, it was so cool. i learned so much!!!!

oh yeah and the crazy thing was that we didnt  get back from teguc until 5, the time for our baptism 11 it was really stressful and we didn't have the pila all the way filled but we baptized her johanna on her knees, it was elder pazs first baptism. it was also crazy because her and her family moved to the other branch here, so we lost like all of our investigators from the family, so this week we really have to work and put some baptismal date, we only have one for the 12 of sept, but he is pretty solid. we did have another family for the 12, but they dont want to get married and we found out the husband beats the wife, which is super sad. i really hope we can help this guy repent. it reminds me of what president nelson said, how the "Lord is extremely disappointed in the fact that here there are more male members without priesthood than there are with the priesthood", and that is what we really need to focus on as missionaries. 

but yeah sweet week, except we had 0 in sacrament meeting, only our confirmation. I am so pumped for this week.

also cool experience of prayer that happened yesterday literally every appointment fell at 6 30 last night, so i felt that we should pray for inspiration. we then continued, without much success, until an old investigator suddenly came to my mind! we went, they werer there, and they were super positive and gave us food! but yeah defintiely improved my testimony of prayer.

good to hear from yall. I just want all of you to know of my conviction, that This Church is led by prophets seers and revelators. Those men really do have the authority of God to act in His name. This Church is true. may we all strive to continue following our great example in Jesus Christ, our Savior and Redeemer, and may we be examples unto others in showing the grand blessings we receive from this gospel.

Love, Elder Wagner

also i havent washed my hands

and i clipped and saved my fingernails

hahahaha joking

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Juticalpa Week 26

this week really flew by it was a good hard working week, elder paz and i really pushed each other this week. We have accumulated a bunch of new investigators now, and so now we really have to focus on getting them all to progress. Also, this week i have been quite diligent and have been making my bed every day and have been neat. Maybe i can change that about myself here in the mission. 

A family that we brought to church last week accepted a baptismal fecha this week!! it was really hard though we found out from the wife that the husband beats her .... and they're not married so to get them baptized we have to marry them... its kind of like walking on ice teaching with them haha,  but it has been good the lord has really helped us a bunch. Also, we have an awesome guy named devin, he is super busy and had still has a ridiculous crazy addiction to alcohol. But he has been going strong for 2 weeks. He comes to church on his own. Also we have a baptism this Saturday with johanna, but the adversary is working really hard, the whole family is kind of against us, so we will see if we can baptize here, to perhaps animate the family. 

what else? uh it has been super dusty and i have had insane allergies and its been raining so supper muddy but yeah we have been going out with the members also. I hope this week we can really get more people to church. 

here are two firepower scrips, 2 nefi 33:11, y moroni10:27 these really amp me up and testify of the importance of the book of mormon in this work. I challenge y'all to strengthen your testimony in the book of mormon and share it with others!!!

but yeah haha elder paz is sweet, he just talks like pedro man. like in the lessons and contacts haha.  haha. but in the lessons we have been really unified and the Spirit has been really strong. 

oh yeah funny pic the elders from below came up to hang out, and i was in the other room studying, and it got all quiet and they all fell asleep! haha so i took a pic lol}

love yall!! 
Elder Wagner

Monday, August 17, 2015

Juticalpa Week 25

Elder Wagner and his newbie, Elder Paz
hey fam!!

sounds like the lake was pretty sick!! i had a pretty crazy week too, with the changes and all. bueno, on monday we played water balloon volleyball as a district super fun. oh yeah and today we are writing late because we went to catacamas and played soccer. 

but yeah this week was pretty sweet, on tuesday we had cambios, so we all went to tegucigalpa. it is always super fun to be with all of the missionaries because know i know a bunch, and I sat by Elder Dunn!!! I really miss that guy, we're seriously best friends, such an awesome missionary 
and then all of us trainers got to welcome the news, and I got Elder Paz! He is from nicaragua tambien, but he actually speaks alright ingles. We didnt get bak to juticalpa until 7 at night, but he has a bunch of energy to work, and i worked him super hard this week,and it is really nice to have a companion who is willing to obedient. He is great haha, pero a veces he reminds me of pedro from napolean dynamite, because he mumbles like him and talks like him! 

But yeah we had a sick week we found a great family that came to church with us, and we also put a fecha with debin, we are working super hard and enjoying it. but this week was pretty dang hot haha. 

also like on Saturday we ate moronga, also known as pig blood, so it is just like sausage but cooked pig blood, it was super super greasy gnarly stuff. 

oh yeah and i weighed myself at the news mtg and i weigh 170 with my suit and stuff! i bought some eggs so maybe i can build some muscle haha. 

but yeah this week we a had bunch of powerful lessons and some sweet study sessions. Every night we got back and elder paz would just knock out lol. but he'll get used to the schedule, but yeah it has been a sweet week.

Thanks for all of your prayers!! This work is truly inspired!! i definietly have seen the hand of the lord in my life here in juticalpa,. and I know that He will bless yours lives as we keep the commandments and our covenants and continue steadfast in teh faith.

Love, }}
Elder Wagner

after the soccer game!
super blurry..... Elder Wagner and his "lineage" of trainers

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Juticalpa Week 24

yep so on martes president ferman called and im training! 

so the next day i went to teguc for the mtg, it was cool, im super pumped to train. yeah it was a long day i was just in the bus all day kind of hectic because we are so far out, and we kept on changing companions along the way to teguc. But yeah other than that, we didn't work hardly at all because silva got chikungia, so that was kind of disappointing. 

on Friday we had a zone meeting in catacamas, and Saturday was our district leaders bday, elder rodas. it was super fun we bought and cake and ice cream for him haha ill send the pics. We also found a guy, a friend of a recent convert who really has a bad addiction to alcohol and he really wants to change, we helped him a lot and he came to church! all 3 hours! which was cool because this Sunday the hours changed, this tiny little capilla has two pretty big ramas, and now our church starts at 8 and sacrament mtg at 10. with sunday school at the 1st hour, only had one come for principios del evangelio. But sunday night we had a super good lesson with angel, from familaia juarez, we pretty much explained the plan of salvation to him with lots of detail bec he had a bunch of questions (its interesting bec we hardly teach the plan of salvation with such detail, but by the end he understood it all and realized how important the book of mormon is. I really pray that he receives an answer. the spirit was super strong in the lesson. 

well next week i will be with a newbie!! It will be fun and a good experience. This transfer definitely wasn't easy,. but i learned a LOT and I hope to continue to learn how to apply the Atonement of our savior Jesus Christ in my life and in the lives of others. 

Love yall!!

Elder Wagner

Birthday Party!!

Juice Addiction!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Juticalpa Week 23

hey family!! had a pretty good week, good to hear from yall

on martes we had entrevistas con presidente ferman!!!!! it was awesome!!  president ferman actaully talked with me! He told and helped me with a lot, like with correcting disobedience and stuff with companions i really love the guy and how he works.

oh and holy crap a murcielago (a bat!) flew into our apartment!!! in broad daylight!! it was nuts haha it was just flying around lol. 

but yeah wednesday we went back with familia juarez, theyre so postiive and they have so many questions!! I just hope that they can truly pray and humble themselves and receive an answer that the book of Mormon is true. 

On Thursday we had a really good noche de hermanomiento with our investigators, but on friday we didnt have much luck finding and elder silva decided to waste time in a members house. 

and then Saturday I was super sick i crapped my pants in the middle of the night and threw up and then we just visited our fechas and i went home and slept. i had hardcore stomach pain, but by Sunday i was fine. IN branch council we are working really well with the members in retention and orientating our investigators, we have 6 fechas for the month of august and this week we look to find more. It will be hard probably because this is the last week for elder silva here in juticalpa.
funny moment of the week: a drunk guy was dancing super crazy with his giant beer bottle to the song IM ABOUT TO LOSE MY MIND UP IN HERE UP IN HERE
hahahaha i was laughing so hard hahaha.
yeah so now im back to 100 health and i hope to work out the end of this transfer well. this transfer has been a little rough, but i have learned a lot, including spanish.
love yall!!!

thanks for all of your prayers in my behalf!
love, elder wagner

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Juticalpa Week 22

Hey fam and friends! 

Sounds like y'all had a really good week, so did i! 

Lunes after we wrote we played some kickball with peeps from the zone, pretty fun haha. And then! a family that we had contacted was home, and they were super positive!!! We just taught leccion 0 and made a return appointment to teach the restoration to answer the question why are there lots of churches. they were in teguc all week until last night, and we taught l1! it was super long, they had lots of questions, and The Spirit was there super strong, the Lord serioiusly helped us so much that lesson . They're going to read the Book of Mormon! Honestly they are so awesome, its a young couple who are married, and the guy is a lwayer. I really hope and pray that they'll pray and resceive an answer from the Lord. 

With retencion, we go the rama to call ward missionaries, so now we have 3 ward missionaries (but they're girls,,, so it only helps the sisters haha) but nonetheless we have some pretty good prospects to help build this rama. With the members we really have to exercise patience but the work is coming slowly with them. All this week we got a bunch of our investigators reading and praying about the libro de mormon, which is sweet, we have like 11 names for agosto that we could put fechas con, this week we are really going to put some fechas and verify about their reading of the book of mormon. The book of Mormon is how people gain testimonies, it is so powerful and I am always ever grateful for it, and how powerful it is in la obra misional. 

Oh and on viernes we had intercambios, and Elder Rodas, our district leader came with me to our area. He is super awesome and has really helped me.

But yeah this week was sweet, flew by! I love the fotos of my nephew!!! He is a champ. 

mom: wow congrats to mr. coleman!!! That'd be awesome if bro biron gets the centennial job! 
for laundry here i just pay this guy at a laundromat, 

i got ta go love yall!!!!!

love, elder wagner

Monday, August 3, 2015

Juticalpa Week 21

Hey fam and friends! 

This week was a good week overall, definitely with ups and downs for sure. 

On tuesday, we took a bus to campamento and had a double zone reunion con presidente ferman. Dude! I love the guy! Like literally the thing i loved so much about what he talked about was retencion!  pres ferman wants us to work with the members and retener!!1 It was awesome!! Like i feel like the chapters in pmg were always disregarded, the ones about working with the members and teaching leccion 5. 

Anyways, it was awesome, and it lead to later this week us and the hermanas having a reunion con the branch president! The branch president here is pretty new, but he is willing to work with us]! But yeah i love presidente ferman. 

On wednesday none of our contacts were home so we visited this big catholic family, and we taught the restauracion and i felt the Spirit so strong as I bore testimony of how we can pray to know the truth. I just love when we can feel the spirit in the lessons, aunque sometimes the investigators don't progress. Feeling the Spirit, to me, is a good indicator of how i am doing as a missionary. 

On Thursday we had noche de hermomiento, and we brought this 15 year old inv walter, he is cool haha, everyone here is playing clash of clans! haha so thanks to my experience in that field, its a good way to break the ice hehe. 

But yeah friday and Saturday were good we had lots of news and lessons, but sunday only 2 people came to church, but the one who came, karen, the aunt of walter is getting baptized the 25th. I love juticalpa! oh yeah on sunday it was like impossible to work everyone and their mom was at the estadio at the soccer game, literally no one was in the streets. 

Lots of work to do here! lots of bugs here too, and my pants always get muddy haha so thats annoying! 

Love yall! 

Love, Elder Wagner

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Juticalpa Week 20

hey fam! 

i had a way better week this week, thanks to all of your prayers!! wow, also awesome with the 1st grandkid!!!! IM AN UNCLE!!! congrats kevin and jessica, seth looks like a pretty sweet nephew. hehe. but yeah i had a super awesome week! 

lunes, throughought that day and martes, i really felt y'alls prayers in my behalf. first week here in juticalpa was rough, i think i just was super homesick from comayagua, i really missed all of my converts and investigators. However, juticalpa is awesome!!!! 

on martes elder silva and i really hustled got a bunch of really good lecciones and news. 

on wednesday, we put four fechas with the family that we had contacted my first saturday here who went to church! theye are so ready]!!! There are so many people ready here, we just have to continue to balance teaching and finding more prepared people. 

ON jueves i think elder silva got chikungia, but he still worked which was sweet. also, my new favorite word in spanish is ´crapear´ hahaha all of the latinos use this word!! haha. also we taught thesse catolicos who were only primarily interested in us because i was from the states, but then we taught the restoration and they just ate up the angels part! i really love using this gospel pic book to demonstrate the lost authority and then the return of the authority throught the angels pedro santiago y juan with jospeh smith. I love the gospel!! and the misssion!! 

on viernes we had zone mtg in catacamas which is like 1 hour from here, this is a really spread out zone, but it was good. also, mom, here is the mission blog, mhc1518. tomorrow we have an activity with president ferman. he didn't change many rules, only with drinking water in the members houses. 

sunday we fasted, whew it was rough! but fasting was so rewarding!!! i love how easy it is to feel the spirit whilst fasting! i also taught principios del evangelio class in church on the spot, that was fun. my spanish it really improving, but i still have a lot to learn. 

thanks for all of the prayers!!! happy 4th everyone! also go usa! we saw part of the womens cup in a lesson yesterday haha. 


UNCLE Elder Wagner