Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Juticalpa Week 29

Hey fam!

this was a pretty awesome week actually, we saw a lot of results of our hard work this week. Although like 2 or 3 times in the night the light went out like at 6ish 7 which was super annoying because we aren't allowed to work when there is now power. We almost went to the appointments we had, but then i was like, would mom want me walking around in complete darkness? haha so we obeyed, and the guy we usually have apppointments with at like 7 at night, devin, va a bautizarse este sabado. so there's not much damage from that, i know that there are lots of blessings from being obedient. But yeah we really kicked of the week good, me and Elder Paz have really been planing more efficiently, and in pretty much all of the lessons we are super unified. Which is awesome. The time with elder paz is really going by super fast.

But yeah we found some really awesome investigators!! We found this 51 year old israel, we put a date with him and he came to church! and his former wife is a member! she goes to the other rama. And we also found an awesome 19 year old, alejandro. Like we taught him the restaauracion en la calle, and then the next day we gave him a book of mormon. then the next day! we showed up and had prayed and he said he felt something that he had never ever felt before, something so good and great, and he knew that what we've been teaching him is true. He also came to church and is super animated for his baptism (except we found out that he has a gf..., but well work with that. We also have a couple that came to church too and we are planning to marry them and baptize them. looks like we are going to be hurting on food haha. 

yesterday was sweet, always love the opportuntiy to fast, even though it can be super hard. 

also we were teaching a lesson to a family and this car parks and started blasting nickebalk, if today was your last day... hahah idk but it really pumped me up in the lesson to teach and be the instrument in the lords hands to have the Spirit /(although it is always hard here to have good environments for the Spirit because there is always loud music regaton stuff. 

but yeah a super awesome week. but yeah elder paz really has taught me a lot, last week when i was struggling (and him too) because like there are other missionaries here that have way more baptisms and everything, and they are so disobedient. But elder paz showed me the scrip in mosiah where it talks about the peopel who were patient in their afflictions. flip i cant think of where it is exactly haha. 

mom- yeah we are going to teguc this wednesday so i should get my package then. also with the general conf talks, they need to be in mp3 format to work. and if you could get me some efy music that would be dope! or motab too:)

love yall!! thanks for all of your prayers in my behalf!

Love, Elder Wagner

Elder Paz's first baptism

Elder Bingham, Elder Wagner, Elder Paz