Monday, August 1, 2016

Carrizal- Tegucigalpa Week 55

hey family! 

This week was great, even though it was semana santa and hardly anyone was here (like literally everyone went south to thier pueblos and the beaches, it was kind of annoying) but! we ended the week off very great with 3 baptisms and confirmations. The baptism was pretty sweet, i directed the service and everything and Elder Chavez baptized the three of them, his first baptisms on the mission! Eduar, a 25 year old, this guy is awesome and is such a great convert. He was so chosen and prepared to receive our message, so great. We also  baptized enyell and emily, one is the daughter of a so/so member, but we have helped rejuvenate them about the Gospel. ANd enyell was a youth that has just been going to seminary on his own. 

Butr yeah seen lots of blessings here even though it was kind of a hard week to find new people. We have like 3 or 4 dates coming up on april 9th, the members love us and we love them, its been great. 
I guess the only downside is that elder chavez got really really sick, well is sitll sick with like chikungya or zika. Yesterday we just wenbt to church and then we went home and he just zonked out. But yeah church was great i got to confirm Eduar, and i learned a lot as week took the sacrament. I love the sacrament. 

This week was also fun becase every morning we went at 6 to go play soccer with a vbunch of nearby youth at teh church. it was super fun, now every day have been waking up at 6 with out an alarm, kind of annoying haha. but yeah great week, and i hope elder chavez gets better so we can keep trabajando como negros esta semana jaja (haah that phrase everyone uses here i dont think its racist for them)

Conference this week
!!!!!! Get pumped ! my third confernce on the missino, kind of crazy. just one more after this one. 

Well, love yall! I am really glad that andrea is alright, how scary! 

Love, Elder Wagner

Carrizal- Tegucigalpa Week 54


This week was another great week, even though we didnt have a baptism on this saturday, it turned out for the best because e now we have like 3 or 4 four this weekend. kinda a bummer because we were thinking we could get baptisms every saturday in our change here, but it turns out for the best because now we got her cousin to accept a date for this Saturday. 

This week was filled with lots of meetings too, a big fat leaders meeting which was in the Country building, i got to see elder paz and elder gomez which was fun. but yeah we had  a zone meeting, that meeting, and district meeting g this week. learned a lot though. 

We have really been having a lot of fun and working hard here elder chavez and I, and we have really been seeing a bunch of miracles. It has really been great, there has been opposition like always, but i really feel the Power of God and HIs spirit here in this area. 

We have Eduar, who will be baptized this saturday, he is 25 years old and is AWESOME! he wants to serve a missino and has such a powerful testimony. were really pumped to take him to the temple because he had a dream about helping his brother who got killed a few years ago, and how he helped like with God, so we got to explain the doctrine of the temple, and wow he has great faith

I also did an interchange with elders in my district, i went to a place called ciudad espana. It was cool because they just opened their brand new chapel, its so great to see the church grow. 

I guess the only thing we have to work on is to find people for the end of april. But yeah we have seen lots of miracles with the gente, yesterday God put us in a far part of our area where we had a contact, but he wasnt there, and then we decided to visit a member family, and they all were sick, with one being pregnant and having chikungya. We found out that this sister was praying that we would come to give them blessings, and yeah, God put us there as instruments in His hands. It was very spiritual, it feels so great to do what the Lord wants us to do. 

Semana santa this week, lots of people are going to be gone, so it'll be a little hard this week. its raining right now. 

I've been learning how to cook more stuff. but the members gave us more food this week, so thats sweet

I love you guys! Have a fun spring break! 

Conference is almost here! Get ready!

Love, Elder Wagner

This is our bathroom, you have to take in a bucket of water with you.  No running water.

Carrizal- Tegucigalpa Week 53

This week was AWESOME!! 

So i got to my new area, its called jardines de Carrizal, its super awesome! its still here in the city, but kind of the outskirts. so it kind of feels like a pueblo it reminds me a lot of juticalpa. But yeah now we are in the city writing in a giant ciber with a bunch of missionaries haha elder dunn is sitting next to me.

Yeah so my new companion is Elder Chavez!!! He is super awesome! He just got finished being trained, so now he has like 4 months int eh mission. He is from el paso texas and he will be at Byu after the mission. So he speaks pretty good spanish already and loves to work. 

This week we were super super busy!! It was awesome we just met all of the members and i just asked for references and we got a ton! We taught 13 lessons with members this week! and we brought 7 to church, and we put 4 baptismal dates! and this week we had a baptism, wehn i got there he had been going to church for like a month but the elders hadnt taught him yet, so we taught him all the lessons and his brother baptized him! And the baptism was super full! So that was sweet to see Emerson is really great  he is 15 years old lives right in front of the church. The church here is pretty nice, it is a ward but way way smaller than country. But i like it a lot more. The Area is GIGAntic, there used to be 3 companionships here a long time ago but now its just us. 

Only minor problems here is that we have to wash our clothes, theres no running water, and none of the members give us food... hahah but elder chavez has been teaching me a bunch of new stuff to cook! THis change is going to be awesome! We have a baptism planned this Saturday and the next and the next too. We are just so dang busy haha its awesome, we hardly had any time at all to contact. which is good actually because we are working so efficient. 

Yeah we are just seeing the awesome miracles of ready people that God has prepared and just the blessings of being obedient. I love it.

I hope you have a great week! General Conference is coming up!!

Love, Elder Wagner

Elder Wagner and Elder Chavez

Family Martinez from Country- Norlan is on my left.

Tegucigalpa Week 52


still dont know if i have changes or not, the zone leaders aren't going to tell us until lunch.

And this week we taught an old guy hes like 70 years old we found 2 weeks ago, he wants to be baptized and we took him to church on Sunday which was cool. But he didnt really like i think, it was a giant multi stake conference in all of central america. And we got to hear from Neil Anderson!! Dude and he spoke in Spanish, which was really cool! because he doesnt really know any spanish, he served his mission in france and lived in brazil for four years. But yeah he talked about the starting of the temple in the Congo, and the explosion of the church there! And he talked about hte importance of the Boook of Mormon. 

Oh! And before the satellite transmission started they sustained all of the new melchizek priesthood holders in the stake, and Marvin and Norlan received it! Super awesome they are sweet converts so proud of them. 
other things that happened this week.... found a guy who was in canada in 2000 and he showed us this old book of mormon that the elders had given him way back then. the book was one of the old versions really interesting. And he was super positive, the only problem is that he smoke like 5 cigarettes in the lesson and has like 3 woman. 
With all the preparation for the stake conference this week setting up chairs and stuff i got to see elder paz again that was super fun haha. 

what else¡? oh it rained last night. 

Oh and mangos are back!!!!!!! WOo!! eating mangos reminds me of my training its super crazy it feels like yesterday i was in comayagua. 

Well i love yall and the church is true, who knows what happens with the changes!

Love, Elder Wagner

PS:  Dude they told me! Im going to Carrizal as district leader!!  im going with elder hernandez he was in my district in the CCM! Woo!

Loving the packages from home!

Tegucigalpa Week 51


i got 2 huge packages this week]!!!! Thanks Jacquie and Mom! oh and the glasses are sweet thanks mom now i'm good for the eye situation, guess i should've told y'all earlier, before the Christmas Skype. but yeah love the chocolate and everything. the fruit snacks always disappear so fast. i think as going away gifts i'm gonna give everyone in the area the twixs or something.

This week was alright, with the highlight being that i got to go on interchanges with elder meads in their area, it was super awesome, their area was great, even though it was super small they work so efficiently there wiht the members. I really hope i can get a solid companion to hustle and work like that. Oh yeah transfers are next week, next tuesday,, woo! haha im going to miss this area for sure (well i really have no idea whats going to happen but..... i really shouldnt count my eggs before they hatch though) yeah this area is awesome! Norlan and Marvin are going to get the Melchizek Priesthood!!!!! So sweet to see how theyve progressed, seriously the best converts, yeah the real awesome thing is that they are paying their tithing, whcih is the thing that usually impedes someone to get the Melchizek Priesthood. So yeah it is so cool to see how theyve changed. 

Right now the area isnt looking so great, mostly because my companions tooth continued to hurt this week, but thats okay!
We also went to the temple this week with investigators. But we didnt enter. It was cool though, it is so quiet on the temple grounds and is so easy to feel the Spirit. I love the temple. I wonder when we will be able to enter again for sessions ¿?

Alright well thanks for the emails and packages!!! 
Have a great week! 

Love Elder Wagner

Tegucigalpa Week 50


Sorry for writing so late! Its because my companion went to the dentist to day and we were there ALL day! hahaha it was cool though because these dentists are from the states they attend missionaries and basically all of the pre-missionaries for their dental stuff. i got to talk with missionaries from the tegucigalpa mission and a bunch of gringos, i was kind of forgetting English haha. but yeah we had to cross over to the other mission to this office.

i hit the year mark in Honduras! crazy to think that a year ago i arrived and went with elder bingham, the chapel we we arrived is really close here. 

Weird culture thing... on like all of the fruits here they put salt/spice on it! like on oranges and watermelons. its really annoying actually. 

ON thursday we had a stake lunch with the stake president and all of the missionaries from the stake. Elder Paz is in the stake but is in another zone, so that was super fun to see him and talk to him. I really miss him haha super fun times in juticalpa. hes training now so technically i'm a grandpa now. 

Also, on friday before our reunion de distrito we had interviews with President!! Safe to say that my interview with president ferman was awesome, one of the most spiritual moments of mty life. One of the things he told me and was explaining me was that The Lord called me to be in this time and place. Not president ferman or the assistants, but the Lord. Sometimes in life we often forget that our callings literally come from The Lord, and we have to realize that and follow through, no matter how hard it can be. I felt the calming healing power of the Atonement, and I know that my President is an inspired man of God with the authority to call and choose. And that is how the whole church functions. 

Had a couple people in church, the mom and her kid who has been going to seminary, but the husband doesnt want anything to do with us, which kindof sucks. This week i have high hopes in bringning more people to church. 

We also surprised the sisters with KFC at the church, when they had though it was interviews with presidente. that was fun. and delicious. and it really animated the sisters to work harder and now they have 5 fijo baptismal dates. 

Well good week, challenigng but Heavenly Father is on my side.

Love you all very much!

Elder Wagner

Tegucigalpa Week 49

hey family! 

Loved the pictures mom, sounds like you had a great time. 

Learned a lot this week, and i really think it went way better even though we only had one investigator in church on sunday. Like a couple days this week we were pretty united after i would just comment how great my companion was. 

But more than that i could really see a bunch of miracles this week. THe days where it was only me talking in the contacts and lessons and everything were really great, in our path i would pray really intensly to knnow what door to contact. ANd every door/person that i felt impressed to talk to were really positive and we are going to go wiht these people thsi week. I just know and have a really really powerful testimony that God is always there and He answers our prayers. 

We have still been working in this one little street in this nieghborhood called the Iberia, where there have come out pretty much all o fthe baptisms i have had here in Country. Its pretty sweet, we put a few more baptismal dates (but they didnt come to church :/) but we are going to continue to work wiht them. They like to play marbles in the dirt in front of their houses. 

Oh! Norlan, the convert that me and elder gomez baptized in november got married to a member! So that was cool! Maybe you saw pictures from belinda. But yeah he is doing good, i know that they can get sealed now in a year (or is it a year from the baptism of norlan? idk im not sure how that works)

Sunday we got to watch like 2 hours worth of the sabbath day training videos form the apostles, that was cool. And in sacrament meeting the bishop read a  letter from the 1st presidency about gay marriage, and basically everyone was looking at me like the States is the problem because its legal here.

Well thanks for the thoughts and prayers! Im really going to try and finsih out strong here in country!! i love the missionary work here!

Love, Elder Wagner

Cooking breakfast for the zone!