Thursday, January 8, 2015

CCM- The Missionary Training Center in Mexico City

Hey mom and family and friends! 

I am in branch 16 and district A. I am going to leave the CCM February 17th. My p-day is on Wednesdays, so that's when you'll be hearing from me. 

Anyways, the traveling was cool! I took a good nap on the flight to Houston, and then I had like 2 and a half hours there. I saw and hung out with some elders who were going home from their Houston mission. They took me around the airport and we made some contacts and passed out some pass-along cards. It was really cool! 

And then, my flight to Mexico City was really cool. I sat next to this lady whose sister was kidnapped and killed in Mexico. She wondered where her sister was going in the afterlife, and I told her the plan of salvation and we talked for like ever. I showed her the Book of Mormon too! I gave her a pass-along card too, with my email. Once in Mexico, I met some sister missionaries and it took us awhile to find someone from the CCM. 

Mexico City is crazy. Our driver drove crazy and we were in a van and the drive was nuts. The CCM seems pretty cool.  I haven't met my companion yet. I'm going to email next week! Sorry for all the typos-- this keyboard is pretty weird. A bunch of the elders are super funny, I cant wait to meet everyone in my branch tonight and tomorrow. I'm excited to spend these next six weeks here! 

Much love, 
Elder Wagner