Wednesday, January 21, 2015

CCM - Week 2

(Be forewarned... the first paragraph gets a little graphic!)

Hola familia!!

What a week, I feel like it flew by (except for last night). So I wasn't feeling good all day yesterday, and then at night we hear a bunch of other elders in our casa puking their guts out. At one o'clock, I woke up and then I just blew massive chunks in the toilet. This went on for about 6 hours, I think I threw up about 12 times. pretty much the worst night of my life haha. Another Elder, Elder Jennings kept throwing up, and some other Elders in the casa gave me some ginger ale, which prolonged the puking for about 30 minutes. I also experienced the turnsies for the first time in my life, what an awful experience. And the bummer sandwich of it all is that today we were going to go to the temple, but I could not go. Luckily in the morning the CCM doctor came by and handed out anti nausea pills and anit diarrheal, so I was finally able to keep some water down. They almost shut down the entire CCM down because SO many people were barfing. I think about 75% in our casa were barfing. We think it was the pizza or something.

So yeah the thing that kinda sucks is that I'm not going to be able to play sports today. We've been playing cage soccer every day at gym time, its super fun. Haha!  Except the other day there was this guy all dressed up in his BYU soccer stuff, but I played some lock down defense on him and he got really frustrated haha.
Okay anyways, I had a pretty good week, you know the pic I had with Elder Jensen? He's my favorite, he makes me laugh so hard every day. Haha his shirt is always untucked, his tie is always way too short, and the other day he was wearing a suit jacket that was grey, and his pants were straight black. Haha there is so much stuff that he does that makes me laugh so hard. So there is this Elder Bate in my room, and he's pretty awesome, we were talking about living with each other at BYU after our missions. 

Okay so cool experience, we were preparing all day to teach our investigator, Jose, and I just had this weird impression to teach him tithing on the third lesson. Elder Esser was quite opposed, but once we started teaching him, he started talking about how he is having trouble with work and finance, so I totally started teaching him about tithing. Yeah, so after teaching him every night, Jose is now our teacher at night. So basically our investigators are our teachers right now. Our morning teacher, Hermano Martinez, is awesome. We started teaching him in the morning this week, and after the lesson, he told us to to tell our moms "Congratulations" because of how well we've done so far, and then he went on to say how fast we've learned the language and how well we are teaching.

And the other night, we walked around teaching people on the Restoration in a street contact of way, and we found three elders from Honduras! It was nuts, the guy we met was from Comayaguela, and he was talking so fast!! It was hard understanding him, it took me like a minute to process what he had just said and then  But we learned from him that there's lots of members there in Comayaguela, and that we will eat a lot of eggs, rice and beans. And we also learned that in the countryside it is way cooler, and that San Pedro Sula was way hotter (so we made fun of the four elders who are going there). Oh and there is this guy in my district who is from Australia, and he is so funny! They have way different words there haha, its so funny! 

Oh and Sundays are the best days of the week, we go and have a devotional, another devotional, and then we usually watch a church movie. (this past Sunday we watched The Testaments). Oh and then we watch a bunch of Mormon messages. Oh and nothing really happened yesterday at the devotional, we just watched Elder Ballard speak from Provo, it was pretty cool. 

Elder Wagner

Elder Wagner (in the back on the left) and his Zone!

Elder Wagner on prep day emailing his mom. ;)