Wednesday, February 18, 2015

CCM- Final Week

Dear Mom and Family,

I am almost out of here!!!! Pretty much I have everything packed, which is real nice, I have no idea how we are supposed to sleep tonight.  I am flying to Salvador and then Honduras!

This week really crawled by, and it was quite hard to find the motivation to study, especialmente for some people in my district. 

Also, valentines day was pretty cool here, because it is not only love here, but friendship too! Amistad! 

In Priesthood, we watched this Hilarious video on a dog and a dolphin who were really great friends. I highly suggest that y'all go and look it up on Youtube, I was laughing a lot. Oh, and then on Sunday, we watched this sickkkk talk by Elder Bednar about the character of Christ. It was such a great talk- holy crap. Oh and then in sacrament mtg our topic was on chastity, so we got to hear some interesting talks haha. Also, i'm down to 180 pounds, so I really think that gym time here, where we play soccer, has really helped me lose a bunch of weight, but now some of my pants are pretty loose.
Last friday we had like 10 thousand meetings that lasted all day about the mission field, it was reallyyyy long and boring, because we just sat there. it was pretty rough. haha. 

Oh, and our night teacher, Hermano Sainz, went to guatemala on his mission. He told us this amazazing story on one of his companions, elder Josh Burton, who later died in a tragic car accident. His story gave us so much inspiration and power to be as hardworking missionaries as we possibly coould. You could look up josh burton, we were showed a cool video on his amazing piano skills.
I'm going to miss the people in my district who are going to San Pedro sula west, especially elder wight, who is from Australia. it is so funny-- he does not understand why ¨´america is a free country´´ haha, but I will see a couple of these guys at BYU,

The church is true! Thanks for all of your prayers!! I cannot wait to get to the field, but I have learned SO much here, its amazing. 

Elder Wagner