Wednesday, February 11, 2015

CCM Week 5

So this has been an exciting week, we got our flight information and we are leaving the CCM next Tuesday at 2:30 in the morning. Our flight leaves to El salvador at 5:20am and then we fly to Tegucigalpa. So yeah, it's pretty dang early in the morning haha. (I could call you mom, if you want to talk at the buttcrack of dawn) oh and i think we will get to email once more either Saturday or Monday.

So cage soccer this week some fat white guy kicked my jammed toe real hard, so now my left foot has gotten amazing.

Also, there has been annoying drama lately, some elders in the district have been calling out others for being lazy, not being obedient blah blah blah, which just leads to the ones being called out naming the weaknesses in the others. Haha, so I have just figured out the best way to do this is to lead by example by being obedient and studying diligently, haha I cant wait until I/m in Honduras.

The other day we got churros!! Our night teacher bought some from outside (even though he´s not supposed to bring food for us from the outside), and they were so good! 

My comp got this weird intestinal thingy so I got a lot of free time for a couple of days, so I read a bunch of the Book of Mormon, and I have memorized even more scriptures. In total,  I think I have about 23 verses committed to memory right now. Also, a bunch of other guys have been sick with like strep throat and stuff, luckily I haven't gotten sick again. We finished all of the grammar stuff the other day, ending with past subjunctive, so now I just have to keep practicing speaking Spanish.

So on Sunday, we learned how to do all of the ordinances in Spanish, which was good practice and cool. I was finally called on to give a talk, which was on the ley de diezmo. I think I did prettty good on it, plus I recited like 3 scriptures while I was speaking. Then, we watched a recorded devotional by Richard G Scott, and then we watched Meet the Mormons, which cool and relaxing. Also, for dinner that day, I had some of the worst fish sticks of my life.

And then, Tuesday, we heard a devotional from a guy from the area presidency, and he talked in Spanish while a guy translated every sentence to English, so it kind of was the longest devotional ever haha, but it was cool because I could understand  most of the Spanish. 

That's sweet that yall went to the BYU game! And on TV! but that sucks that they lost:( The living room looks great mom, good job!  I haven't weighed myself since last time, but I still feel like my pants are getting looser haha.
Any-whoo, I MIGHT get to email on Saturday/Monday, idk yet. But yeah things are winding down, we have a day completely filled with meetings Friday, we can almost taste Honduras now. I'm so pumped. This work is so true, and I cannot wait to help change others peoples lives. It is so amazing to feel the Spirit every day, He teaches you so much through the Holy ghost. I have also been blessed with increased concentration here at the CCM. I started the Book of Mormon day one here, and I have been reading it for an hour every day, and I am already at 3 Nephi. 
Life is good!! I cant wait to get to Honduras!!! Thanks for alll of your prayers!!

Love, Elder Wagner