Tuesday, February 3, 2015

CCM Week 3

Hola familia!!

This week flew by, and it took me another day to recover from my horrific night haha. 

Unfortunately, we couldn't go to the temple, there was only room for the two hermanas in our district, one who is going to Ecuador as a nurse missionary, which is pretty cool. The other hermana is going to comayaguela as well. Thanks for the sport update dad, I have no idea who to root for in the super bowl. I'm feeling Seahawks. That sucks about your calf muscle!! I jammed my toe Monday playing soccer during gym time (we have just been playing soccer now, which is pretty sweet), yeah, so with my toe I've been walking on my little toes and now my whole foot hurts. I kicked the ball and in my follow through i kicked this guys knee.
I love Sundays here, they are so chill.  I also did not half to give a talk in sacrament meeting, so i just now have 3 talks prepared in Spanish, so now i'm ready if i get called on in the field. We got to hear from our new MTC president, Octavanio Tenorio, and he showed us his general conference talk, it was really cool to watch it, and to hear his description of the inner machinations of General Conference. During our night class, I team taught with our teacher, and I did really well teaching the plan of salvation, The Spirit put words into my mouth, it´s really cool how He does that. A yoohoo in my district was doing who knows what while we were doing TALL (its like Spanish grammar on the computer), so now we only have an hour on the computer to email.
On Saturdays we get to do TRC, where volunteers come and we teach them, some are members and some aren't. Ours was, and she spoke so fast! But I understood her, the people here have crazy stories about being converted to the church. On Tuesday we got to hear from the Area President of Mexico, he spoke in English, it was pretty cool. Every night we have to teach our teacher, who is our investigator, now he is Jorge. I bore really strong testimony to him that he will receive an answer if he prayed, because he didn't know if there was a God. It was so cool to see the power and authority as I spoke to him. I also finished Our heritage and Our search for happiness while i was sick, those are really cool books.
The security here is nuts, there are thermal sensors and cameras everywhere. And sometimes, there's this stupid airplane that flies around broadcasting the same exact 15 second advertisement, we don't understand it at all. 

Also: the juice machine was out for a couple of days. those were hard days. 

And every morning I put the team on my back and turn the light on, the blessing of being obedient and waking up at 6:30 has helped me not have the desire to take naps, which is pretty cool. 

Well, I hope everything goes well back at the home front! I'm doing great!

Elder Wagner

Elder Wagner's casa

Bottom bunk on the left is his

Elder Wagner!