Friday, May 15, 2015

Comayagua Week 12

Wow that was so great to get to talk to the fam. So good to see everyone's faces and to see my future nephew also. 

This week was crazy, as you know, we had to finalize the wedding papers, and we both paid 800 limps (so yeah for today I pulled out 600 limps), we also found out that Elder Bingham is leaving so we are going to teguc tomorrow, and I will get a new companion. Every one thinks that I will get someone who is leaving the next change, and then I will train. Who knows, it will be interesting if i get a latino comp too. We will have to see next week to see what happens. 

But yeah on Tuesday we went all over town to get all of the papers, and we tried to visit this one girl whose boyfriend is a member, but they haven't answered their phone and they are never home.. So it looks like that fecha will fall. But yeah familia hernandez are so great, I hope they continue to be so positive as their baptismal date approaches. 

On miercoles we visited a member who works at fedEx, and her brother was there, and the guy kept reading stuff out of Apocaplipsis (revelations), but he did seem interested in that we have a living prophet on the earth today. 

Thursday we had our ingles class, and the two nieces of a member, we set up an appointment next week, so and they seem pretty positive too. Friday we finished up the wedding papers and we had district meeting, and it was really cool to hear our DL testimony on the mission, as he is going home this week. 

On saturday elder bingham skyped, and then there was a ward party for mothers day. Familia hernandez came! But the problem was that everyone was told it started at 6, but food wasn't served nor the program began until 8. It was a little frustrating, but once the food was served everyone was happy, including our investigators, which was good. 

On sunday like no one came to church, it was kinda sad. But this week I really want to focus on visiting as much menos activos and miembros this week to explain the importance of taking the sacrament weekly. And then we skyped! 

That was so great to see y'all, I'm glad you are all doing so well. It did make me a wee bit homesick, but it also gave me more energy to work harder out here in the mission field. I am pumped for this next week, we will have to see who my new companion is. Thank you all for your examples and prayers! This work truly is the work of The Lord! 

Elder Wagner