Thursday, May 7, 2015

Comayagua Week 11

Solid week, Tuesday we visited Familia Leon, they are so fun! They are still waiting on a divorce, so who knows when they can get baptized, but they're practically members now, they go to all church functions and the two kids go to institute. It was a super fun night as we ate dinner with them, we were just joking and having a good time, and my Spanish just felt real natural and it was a hoot. 

On Wednesday we ate at this one member´s house, and we ate some mangoes (i guess this is the time of year where mangoes are ripe) I love mangoes. Oh yeah and elder bingham was eating his mango, and he almost dropped it but he caught it but then it landed on his shirt,, so he had this HUGE orange mango stain on his shirt i was laughing so hard haha.

On Thursday we had our usual free English class, and this member has brought his two nieces for like a month now, and one of the nieces finally asked about the church, and the hermano solomon talked about everything! and we gave them a book of mormon, so we will have to see if they like it. Now i am starting to see the fruits of having english class every week.

Friday we had zone meeting, it was really good, and then we went to pizza hut. On Saturday, we helped out some members with are yard sale thingy, because there is a kid with leukemia who doesn't have enough money for treatments. It was cool to help out and then after we went with tayron to this family hernandez, we found the guy, who is a taxi driver, and they seemed pretty positive. On Sunday we got them to come to church! They are super positive, and they sure loved church. Today we went over to figure out how to plan the wedding for them, and they are super excited! This family has been super prepared for us, and they are so ready. It is really cool to see how the Lord has prepared them to this point. My prayer is that we can get the marriage done in a timely manner (we pretty much have to pay for it all), but we still haven't taught them palabra de sabiduria yet. but we put a fecha for the 23rd of this month, and we are planning to do the wedding and the baptism on the same day, hopefully everything works out. 

That was pretty much my week! It was really cool to meet this chosen family, and i look forward to this week, as well as preparing others for this month. It will be weird because elder bingham is probably going to leave next change (next week), and I will find out today or tomorrow if i train or not.  I cannot wait to talk to yall on mothers day!!! Make sure to have questions to ask me, because i dont want any lulls in the conversation, ya know?  haha it will be good to see yall. 

Thank you for all your prayers in my behalf! This truly is the Lord´s work!

Love, Elder Wagner