Monday, May 25, 2015

Comayagua Week 14

Wow this week was absolutely nuts! Lets begin with Tuesday, shall we? We got to go to the temple! Holy crap, it was so awesome! The grounds and the temple were so beautiful, and it was so cool to see how strong the church is here in Honduras. Plus it was amazing how quite and peaceful it was, just at the grounds, and you can see the whole city of Teguc, it sure was amazing. And inside was even more awesome, it was a little interesting in Spanish, but i realized that I kindof know quite a bit of Spanish now. Such a great experience that gave us so much animo for the upcoming week.

Thursday began the insanity of this week, we had to go to Flores for an entrevista because elder dunn is DL, and then we had to hustle back to Comayagua and do interviews for Familila Hernandez! It was stressful because we got there late and then the zone leaders got there even later, but this family is just so golden, it didn't even matter. And we had a leccion con Jose, and we put a fecha with him for the 6th of June while the interviews were going on. It sure was insane haha. 

But then on Friday, we had zone conference! And last second they moved it to our building, so we had to get all the keys and stuff, and then at President and the assistants had told us to bring investigators and recent converts to the meeting for an activity, but then they told us to cancel 10 minutes before... anyways it was a little hairy but Fma hernandez came, and President interviewed them in front of the two zones. It went pretty good actually. But then, we had the wedding at 1, so we had to leave zone conference at 12 with our family to get to ajuterique. So missionaries were mad at us for leaving, but we had planned this thing way way back, before the conference. (this was presidents last conference before he goes home next month). Anyways, at 5 we had the baptism!!! It was so awesome, and after the ordinance and after we changed, we sang families can be together forever, it was so powerful, and they already know the words! They are so excited to go to the temple next year to be sealed, I love them so much, their faith in this message was so big. I sure do hope they can persevere in the church, I really think they will, they have already made so many friends at church. I was so filled with so much joy as we talked about the temple, and how excited they were. We saw so many little tender mercies of the Lord throughout those crazy two days, I cannot even write a hundredth part. I am so grateful everything went out awesome, it sure was stressful, but looking back, it was so worth it. This family is so amazing.

Also: I got the package!!!!! I LOVE THE GOLDFISH! haha and the little games are fun haha.
Elder Dunn and I are having a blast! I really feel like this transfer is already going way way too fast, it has been so great these past two weeks. I have learned a bunch, and I can really see how the Lord has prepared these people, and how He has blessed us in this work. I am so thankful for that, and for you guys.

Love y'all!

Elder Wagner