Friday, June 19, 2015

Comayagua Week 16

Awesome week! it just flew by!! 

Today we are writing early because we are going to go and play golf, i am super excited haha, although its super expensive like 500 limps, but its gonna be a blast. Also, I cant believe Emily´s call is so close! Crazy! haha! I am glad yall had a good time in Newport. 

This week was crazy, on lunes we had a great noche de hogar. We watched finding faith in Christ and then we bore testimony and stuff, it was really powerful. And as we left the home, the Spirit just left us as we entered the world, ya know? Like there was blasting music and people everywhere, and it just testified to me how important family home evening and family scrip study and prayer is. Because if we do that, our homes will be an extension of church and it is where we can learn and grow, in a nice and safe spiritual environment. 

ON martes we met with this lady yenni, we baptized her this Saturday. She has a crazy story, the 2nd night we were here with Elder Dunn i had an impression to go visit an old investigator, and we ended up talking to her, and She told us how she was praying for guidance right before we showed up. We talked and read a couple of scriptures (and in her testimony on Sunday, she talked about how like the elders knew exactly what her problems were, and gave her the strength she needed. These past 3 weeks she has read the Book of Mormon every day, and she has such a strong testimony. The sad thing is that none of her kids want anything to do with us, it is such a broken home, but we hope that she can be a light and an example to her kids. Such a cool experience. 

on miercoles I gave a blessing to a sick hermana, it was cool to do it in spanish. This entire change we have really been using preach my gospel and really working with the members, and this entire past week we have been working straight off of references, we have gotten so many references it is sweet that we do not have to contact, largely because we have gained the confidence of the members, I really want to stay here another change, but it is awesome to see our numbers grow. Good things are happening here in comayagua. 

Oh and on Saturday we went in the morning and hiked to las anonas, which is a 2 hour hike. There are like 14 members there, and one of them comes faithfully every week to church. Insane faith. Anyways, on Sunday we had to do divisions because we had so many appointments, which was cool because me and Elder Dunn were like in two places at once, just with other return missionaries from the ward!
Sick week! I really have seen the Lord´s hand helping us and guiding us this week! The church is true!!

Love, Elder Wagner