Friday, June 19, 2015

Comayagua Week 17

Crazy week we really hussled this week it was awesome!!!

Primero, lunes we played golf!!!! It was 500 limps cada uno, but we got golf carts!!! And no one golfs here so it was just us 10 elders, it was crazy fun. It was also a really nice course. I had some pretty sweet drives, it was like the funnest pday ever! 

Martes holy crap the rain!! Dude this whole week it rained and rained! And Elder Dunn left his sombrilla in a bus so we had to share my little one. When it starts raining the streets become rivers. It kinda sucks though cause my scriptures got a little wet, and your shoes get soaked haha. So a fruit of working with the members came to be when we found a really positive menos activo family with a 10 year old daughter who isn't baptized so that is  a really solid fecha, and it is good because we are reactivating them. 

ON miercoles we had intercambios, and this really new Elder Richins came to my area, he hardly knew Spanish, so it was basically me doing all of the talking and understanding, it really bolstered my confidence in the Spanish language. 

On Thursday it was a really cool day I really saw the Lord with us throughout the day. At 2 in the afternoon we just weren't feeling it so Elder Dunn decided to pray and we were filled with huge desire to find someone, and we did! The lady was super super super sick crazy high fever with chikungunia and we gave her a blessing (the next day she was back to full health, crazy, and she was super receptive as well. So awesome with seeing the Lord work miracles here in Comayagua. Plus later that night we had an appointment with this guy Jose and it was at the church and it was dumping rain, and the church key that we obtained did not work!! We had no idea what to do, thinking of going to a members house (but it was way too far) and I had this huge prompting to pray. So, in the street in the rain I prayed for guidance with Elder Dunn, And Elder Dunn immediately after the prayer said lets call bishop,  (which we didn't consider an option bec he never answers his phone), but bishop answered and he came on right over! And we had a really amazing lesson about baptism, now we just have to worry about the firma with jose´s mom (he is 17). 

On Friday we went in 5 in the morning to go and milk cows! The milk was so warm! I drank two bottles of it, it was super frothy and hot and good haha. At the end we were just squirting the milk straight into our mouths! But it was actually pretty hard to milk the cow, there is a technique to it, i think i got it down. 

On Saturday we went to las anonas, the place which is 2 hours walking, we got a bunch of news. The only problem is that its so far! And on Sunday it was kinda disappointing because we only got 3 investigators to church, but then, after like 4 weeks of asking, we finally had a consejo de barrio!! Now we are really getting the members rolling, and it is sweet to see everyone starting to work here! They are finally organainzing visiting teaching and home teaching! I really want to stay here next change, but I doubt it, I just know that when I get to a new area I am going to focus on the members a bunch. The members are key to missionary work, we have just been working solely off of references, which is really sweet. 

We also finally got the conference liahonas!!! So dope!! 

Really awesome to see the miracles happening here, its awesome! I am so grateful for elder Dunn and for the Lord really teaching us and helping us to become better missionaries. The Church really is true.

Love, Elder Wagner

p.s. Really sad about Noel, I loved the video Kevin sent. She was an awesome cat. 

p.s. Also about Grandma. Tell her I hope she gets better! Thank you Grandma  and Grandpa for your example of steadfastness in the church! Because of that, I am here in Comayagua, learning so much! The Gospel really is amazing. 


farmer skills right there
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