Friday, July 31, 2015

Comayagua Week 18

Sweet week! Except it kind of all dampered just now because we got a call that they are closing our area.... :( tomorrow is changes and I kind of expected that I would go, but not Elder Dunn too! I guess we will just have to put our trust in the hermanas who are here.

Anyways on martes presidente fortuna came with his wife to inspect our house, it was good haha, they said our house was super clean. Also: remember that woman we baptized a couple of weeks ago? Well this week her children (she has 4) have really seen her change and have really been so amazing with a desire to change their lives as well. When we first started teaching jenny the kids did not want to do ANYTHING with us, we tried teachinga lesson, and they just laughed the entire time. But now, I have really seen the poder de la Expiacion. Like, the 18 year old son has really strived to change, and he has really strived to stop his drug addiction. And the daughters too are so awesome! The gospel has so much power, and it really has blessed and united this once broken and torn up family. They went to church too! They are so excited to get baptized next month, it just makes me sad to leave them. 

On miercoles we had interchanges and elder henderson came here, it was a super good learning opportunity and at the end of the night he was like 'you want ice cream? lets go get ice cream, so he dropped like 500 limps on a HUGE thing of ice cream and caramel and sprinkles it was so good! But the ice cream here just isn't the same haha. 

On jueves the highlights of the day was definitely teaching jenny and her family, they are so awesome. It really taught me a lot, especially about having faith in the investigators, and giving them a chance. People sure do need this message, and i just have this huge desire to help everyone, and to find others who are as prepared as this family. 

On viernes i gave the tema in district meeting, it was really cool to see how my spanish has improved, but i still have a lot to go. Also, as we were walking home, i just had the subtle prompting to walk down a different street to get home, and we found these really two positive contacts! I know the Lord was preparing them, and that He guided us there. These little miracles happen like everyday, and I cannot even tell a hundredth part of how The Lord is truly with us in this world.

ON saturday we went to the place which is 2 hours walking, and 4 of them came to church on sunday!! They told us they had to wake up at 4:30 to get to church . The faith of these people is nuts!! The end goal is to eventually form a branch up there. 

But yeah sunday was sweet and we had 8 investigators! Really good prospects for the work in july! Just the only bummer salad is theyre closing our area! I guess its cause 15 elders are leaving this change and only 2 news are coming, so they had to close a bunch of areas. And we will see what happens with the new president coming next week! A lot of guys are excited to see the changes to the mission specific rules. But yes, I had an awesome week, and a SUPER fast transfer here in comayagua with Elder Dunn. Tomorrow we will go to Teguc to see where we are going, so next week I will be in a new area with a new companion, it is sad to leave comayaygua, but I cant wait to apply what Ive learned here with Elder Dunn in other areas. The church is true!

Say hi to Grandma and Grandpa for me! I love them and i am so grateful for their example! The mission is awesome! 

Love, Elder Wagner