Saturday, August 1, 2015

Juticalpa Week 19

hey peeps! 

this week was crazy we finished up in comaygaua showing our fechas to the hermanas and then packed and got up at 4 to catch  a bus to teguc. 

changes was really cool - porque there was a bunch a missionaries who had changes it was like the whole mission  was there is was cool to see everyone and stuff. and then i got sent to zona catacamas! it is the farthest zone, and now i am here in juticalpa with elder silva.  he is from nicaragua and he has the same amount of time as me. yeah the drive was super long like 4 hours in the bus, but juticapla is really sweet it is just a little smaller than comayagua there is stores and stuff, so it is not super pueblo. 

it sure was rough transitioning to this area, i came and we literally have like 2 investigators and so we had to really hustle and find some news, which we did. elder silva told me that he had never worked this hard on his mission, we have had a bunch of fun telling each other tribalenguas. we also don't have like any appointments for food so we have to fend for ourselves which is kind of hard haha. 

the Lord has really blessed me this week, and a lot of times i had to ask my self, what would elder dunn do? i really miss him, he is now a zone leader. on saturday we found some gold news, we just contacted this family and they went to church with us on sunday! huge blessing from the lord there, really taught me to open my mouth at every opportunity. church was sweet, except the chapel is super super tiny and there are two ramas that share it, we really need a new building, which is a good problem. and the members seem legit, and i cant wait to continue working with them like we did with elder dunn. 

juticalpa is lo mejor! i have the feeling i will be here for awhile. who knows?? learned a lot this week.

thanks for al l of your prayers this week! i truly felt them!

love elder wagner

Elder Silva & Elder Wagner