Saturday, May 28, 2016

Tegucigalpa Week 44

hey family! and friends

Welp this week was a good week, hit the year mark this week! i burnt a really nasty tie that was so dirty in celebration. so that was fun. i also ordered a pizza just for me.

Other than that yesterday was good we have been really getting marvin and norlan ready to go to the temple to do baptisms for the dead. and marvin has been helping us, with a baptismal date we have, his name is kevin. He still has his problem, but i think he can quit it and be baptized. He really wants to be a missionary like us. He doesn't read that well though, which is kind of sad, its a testament to how bad the public education is here.

The wife of the stake president literally made us a huge apple pie. so that made my day, it was super delicious. We also had a sweet like family home evening bday party, only with the men of the ward, and we brought our investgator alexis. It was super spiritual, the only thing with alexis is his wife is a little duro but they're going to get baptized in February, because we have to marry them and missionaries now cant use their own money to help, so we have to do a fundraiser and sell popcorn and donuts stuff like that.

Taught my english class again, this week, it was pretty crazy there was a bunch of crazy men in there one was straight up crossed eyed trying to speak in english and the other kept on standing up talking and yelling. Who knows if ill keep giving them lots of interesting people are showing up haha. but it was super fun good opportunity to show the people the church

wELL love yall!

Elder Wagner

made it to the half-way mark of the mission!

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