Saturday, May 28, 2016

Tegucigalpa Week 45


It was a good week this week we started off with a big blessing, a guy we have been teaching finally brought his wife to church! it was a ward family home evening super awesome, i really feel like we will be doing a wedding in February. Also, this week we have been teaching a crap ton of jovenes in the Iberia, where all of our converts live. Marvin has been helping out a lot, and we ended up having 8 in church! It was crazy! Sunday sure was busy, and we have 2 on dates for the 6th, and a more for hte 13. the only problem is that a few have some addictions, but we are helping them. They are all super pumped to serve missions like us haha. 

I love this ward. We have been receiving lots of references too.
We also got to baptize a single mom and her daughter, from the sisters in my district. like a month ago she showed up to her baptism, but she didn't want to. But now everything went well! I baptized her and her daughter. IT was good the sisters are in a littler branch in a huge rich part of the city. 

I also taught one of their investigartos who will be baptized this week, i taught her completley in english! it was kind of hard but fun haha to teach in english.

Well the Church is true everyone! Hold to the Rod, the word of God, study the scriptures, and teh Lord will bless us with peace and direction in our lives. 

Love, Elder Wagner