Monday, January 4, 2016

Tegucigalpa Week 43

Happy new year! 

wow this week i complete the year mark! super crazy i think i am going to order a pizza that night or something. but yeah the time sure is flying. This week was alright, it was basically impossible to work the 31st and the 1st, but that's okay. new years here was exactly like the 24th and 25th. 

and we kind of received a giant bummer sandwich this week, we had an investigator who was going good for baptism this saturday, he had stopped smoking for a week, but then the 31st he drank and smoked an entire packet of cigarros. and he felt so bad and discouraged that now he doesn't want anything to do with us, but oh well we will keep working with a good spirit! 

Since Marvin has been back we have been working with him, and he has been showing us a bunch of his friends, and he came to church with his friend kevin and we challenged him to baptism in the church! so that was a cool blessing, we had been fasting and praying for a baptismal date, because Oscar had fallen. So that was definitely a tender mercy from padre celestial. }

We found a golden family that is ready for the gospel, and they were going to come to church this sunday, but then their dang granddaughter was born Saturday night! haha we were pretty bummer, but hopefully this week they can come. 

but yeah that was pretty much it, this transfer is starting to wind down, the changes are the 19th. elder gomez is a good guy, we have been working well together. 

nothing much else... oh this week we found a super interesting family that are like hindi/buddhist, but at the same time they believe in the bible and in Jesus Christ. krisna i think it was called. but yeah.

okay well happy new year! hope y'all have made great resolotuinos and plan to follow through with them! One of my metas is to develop a really really great relationship with padre celestial. I also want to take advantage of every day here, the time is going by too fast.

Alright well love you all! hAVE a great week!

Love Elder Wagner