Monday, April 13, 2015

Comayagua Week 8

This week flew by! Wow! Let's start with Tuesday, we went to teguc for Bingham's doctor appointment, which was with the mission doctor in the mission office. Downtown teguc is crazy! There are huge buildings and a bunch of rich people. And the mission office is real nice, and so was the doctor (he spoke really good english), and now Elder Bingham just has to do exercises every night and morning (he has snapping hip syndrome). And then we ate at McDonalds, which was really cool haha. It was weird because technically the whole time we were in teguc we were outside of our mission. 

So on Wednesday our fecha with dilsia fell, because we found out she has been living with someone for 6 months! and we taught her law of chastity, and her what her options were (to either get married or to leave him), and now we haven't seen her or been able to talk to her... 

On Thursday we deep cleaned our apartment because there was a chance president was going to visit and check since we had interviews the next day on Friday. Interviews were good, I am pretty proud of my ability to talk in Spanish now. Yeah so it was kind of a slow week, but new people came to church! We definitely have some good prospects this week to put some baptismal fechas esta semana. 

Funny- We decided to talk to this drunk guy, and he kept asking if we were amish or menonita... And then he kept asking me to sing a song for him because he was SURE that I was Justin Bieber, hahahaha. 

My belt, which was Grandpa Shaffer's, is now at the notch where Grandpa Shaffer would use! haha yeah my pants are pretty loose, this week I am going to try to eat more (I splurged and bought a huge bag of krusteaz pancake mix, its pretty sweet)

It is still great to hear y'alls stories about general conference still, remember: a talk a day keeps satan away! (even though we still have to wait for the May ensign to read the talks again), may we all continue to read and listen to the talks, as well as the scriptures daily, and we will be able to resist temptation, be spiritually strengthened, and we will receive revelation on how we can improve our lives.

I love you all! Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers! Keep up the good work everyone!

Love , Elder Wagner

p.s. I kinda like beans now... I like breaking up the queso and putting it in my beans, so thats cool haha

elder bingham's mom sent me a shirt! and him of course. haha its funny because elder bningham LOVES Coke, and a mission rule is that we can't drink coke or pepsi or anything with caffeine, he is hoping that changes with the new president haha