Thursday, April 9, 2015

Comayagua Week 7: Semana Santa

What a week! What a conference! It was especially great to hear from our prophet and apostles, I feel so spiritually fattened right now.

This was crazy week, largely because Comayagua is such a traditional town. Every day this week comayagua celebrated it as just like the last week of our Savior. Casi every night there was something huge at the park, so we had lots of opportunities to talk with as many people as possible. We passed out TONS of graciasaqueelvive passalong cards, and we told all of the people to go watch the video (we got to finally see the video on sunday haha) but I really hope that one person watches the video and is touched by the message, because the sad thing about semana santa is how there was hardly ANY celebration on domingo, the huge thing was on Friday, the day of His crucifixion. As testified by many speakers at Conference, we know that He lives!! This Gospel is a happy message that He conquered the grave, taking away the sting of death! That was the message we really tried to convey to everyone we talked to.
The hard thing about semana santa was that like zero of our investigators were in town. Although we did get to put a fecha for Dilsia, she is like 30, and a sister of some members. We had a really powerful 2nd lesson with her, and it was cool because we really got to talk about the Holy Ghost, because she had felt it as she read in the Book of Mormon, and the Spirit was so strong in that lesson. The only thing is that she probably drinks coffee (like everyone here does) so we will have to work with that, but I really see her being baptized on the 18th.
Anyways, back to Conference! We got to watch it all in English, as Zona Comayagua is like the whitest zone in the mission. between sessions on Saturday we went to BK and then to pizza hut before Priesthood. And when the talks were in Spanish we watched them in Spanish! It was way cool, and all of the members here absolutely love the opportunity to hear it spoken in Spanish primarily. My favorite talks were in the Sunday morning session, a powerful four talks in a row by Gerald Causse, Nielson, Holland, and Uchtdorf. I especially liked Causse, where he talked about the Gospel is like a fountain of never ending knowledge that will never run dry. Even if we have read the scriptures, we should read them again! We will learn so much! And Holland and Uchtdorfs especially I liked as they testified of the actuality that Jesus Christ lives today, and there is so much to receive from His Atonement. I can't wait to receive the ensign and read these talks again! I challenge everyone to try to read/ listen to a talk a day, to keep Satan away! haha. 

This has been a great week, and thanks for all of your prayers, we are going to Teguc tomorrow to see about Elder Binghams knee and hip, hopefully all goes well in that regard. 

The church is true!

Love, Elder Wagner

Elder Wagner

we really liked this alfombra because it is a pic from the church. I am in the background. 

the parade on the alfombras