Monday, April 20, 2015

Comayagua Week 9

Rise and Shout the Cougars are....  in Comayagua?

Hey guys! 

Another week in the books! This week was pretty interesting, starting with us going to this little town called le jamani, which was about 30 minutes in bus away from comayagua. The guy we went to teach is william, he just had a baby with a menos activo girl, and they want to get married! We are going to try to put a fecha with william, he is pretty positive, its just that they live so far from the capilla. 

This week we did a huge focus on finding nuevas personas para ensenar. Hence, we did a crapton of walking and contacting, we think we might have found some good people, but none of them came to church, so we cant put fechas with those people. 

On wednesday, we found a guy in the parque with a byu hat! We got pics with him, but he had no idea what his hat meant (its pretty common here there are so many people who wear american shirts and stuff haha, oh  yeah our investigator miguel wore his I dont give a rat's donkey shirt! haha i got a pic with him too) 

On Friday we went to this burger place called krifis, it was SO good! Except is was way expensive haha. and elder bingham completed 6 meses en la mision, and every night we always pass this mariachi band in the street, and bingham decided that he was going to pay for a song! haha it was so cool! it wwas only 50 limps. I';ll try to send the video haha.

On saturday we were walking and this one drunk guy walked up and hugged elder bingham and kissed him right on the neck! Then he went for me, and I couldnt avoid him! haha, it was really gross, he got me right on the neck too. I immediately put on hand sanitizer all over my neck haha, we were laughing so hard at the ridiculousness of what had just happened. 

On sunday, we watched meet the mormons, after church as a ward, haha and our ward mission leader was in the movie! haha, i think all the members liked it, it was the 3rd time I had seen it so I might have fallen asleep for a bit haha. 

It was a good week! Everyone sounds so good! Continue doing your daily scripture study and daily prayer, in addition to listening to a conference talk a day! You will have power over the deceiver! 

Im not having much problems with beans much anymore, I kinda am starting to like them. The member who would do our laundry machine broke, so we've had to wash clothes by hand. so, that kind of sucks ahah.

Other than that, I am doing great! I can't believe it is already the middle of april! Time seriously flies by so fast here when youré working hard. Thanks for all of your prayers!

Love Elder Wagner