Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Comayagua Week 10

This week went by so fast!!  On Tuesday we had a bunch of time to contact, so Elder Bingham got his dice and we did 'dice contacting'!  We would roll the dice and the number would tell us to go forward, backward, left or right and either me or Bingham would contact the nearest person. haha.  It was super fun and we actually found some nueves investigadores.

On Wednesday, we went to Tegucigalpa for my 2nd reunion de nuevos.  It was fun again to see all the CCM homies.  We got back pretty late, so we didn't do much I believe after.

On Thursday I had intercambios with Elder Long!!  He is our zone leader, and he came to our area, so basically I had all of the responsibility which was cool.  Plus I was proud of myself for knowing how to get everywhere and in teaching and talking with all our investigators.  Elder Long is pretty baggy, but he is hilarious! He is from Chicago and he played baseball for Air Force.  I learned a crapton from him.  He is a solid missionary.  The guy has been a pueblo missionary, and he kept saying that our apartment is the best he has ever seen. haha.  I learned a lot and I learned that my Spanish is better than I thought it was, which was a confidence booster.

Friday we went to Burger King and then Wendy's for dinner.  The goal for the missionaries this week was to have 10 investigators in church, so we really, really focused on getting as much people to church.  We only had six, but we did put 2 fechas with them!  One is a guy who is a menos activo, and his girlfriend who just had a baby is not a member.  But they came to church! The hard thing is that we will have to marry them.

Oh and on Saturday, Bishop here went to Utah for a conference, and he got some money to start this project for the church.  He bought a piece of land and he is building two houses, and he plans on making a farm place for members to work and live there.  So we had to clear this field where they are going to plant corn and beans.  Plus there was a bunch of really good mango trees! I loved those mangos!  The usual mangos here are nasty green ones but the trees on this little farm had delicious nectar mangos-- the mango I know from the states!  It was so gooooood!

Yep, that was my week!  Mother's Day is approaching, and we will see what happens this cambio right after Mother's Day.  I really love Comayagua.  The members here are so cool and some have really powerful testimonies, and their faith is incredible.

Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers!  It was a great week!  The field is ripe and ready to harvest.  Continue to read your scriptures every day- especially the Book of Mormon, along with daily prayer and listening to a conference talk!

Elder Wagner

clearing the field


Mango just like the ones at home!