Monday, March 2, 2015

Comayagua, Week 2

What's up guys! 

Holy crap I have so much to talk about but so little thyme. First, mom, thanks for the glasses kit, the screwdriver thingy is a lifesaver. And the handkerchiefs. It gets so dang hot here.

So that video was with Tayron, and Eduardo who was taking the video. We did a 2 hour hike up to Las Anonas, where there is a little town with about 20 members, but there is not enough to have a chapel built up there, so it is really hard for them to get to church because it is a 2 hour hike. Anyways, Eduardo and Tayron are RMs, they are so cool and funny haha, and they know a little English, which is fun. Mom: add Eduardo on facebook, I think he friended me haha.
So the week started out pretty crushing because Mayra really did not want to get married at all, so she cannot get baptized, so our fecha (date) with her fell. Her son, Adan, didn't have any problems with the palabra de sabiduria, which was great! because usually people here drink coffee because it is so cheap.
Other than that, we didn't have much success, until we visited a recent convert named Hermana Hernandez, and she owns a little restaurant. 3 girls work for her, and so hermanana Hernandez told them to sit down for a 20 minute leccion (lesson), and so we taught them the restoration. At first it was super awkward, and they didn't talk at all. But then, the Spirit came when i recited the 1st vision, and they got really interested and started asking questions. It was great! They accepted the challenge to baptism, and Sunday we put a fecha with them for the 21st, because they went to church! So we will be working with them. Referrals are so important, and all the missionaries here say that most of their baptisms come from referrals, not from contacts. So we are super grateful for Hermana Hernandez and her conviction in the Gospel. 

Food: fasting was crazy hard because we sweat so much holy crap haha. but it was good. oh and the other day we ate at this members house and she made us soup, and it was so hot and it was so hot outside! I was literally sweating drops into my soup hahaha.
Oh and there is a Wendy's right down the street from our apartment! We eat there every Friday after district meeting. It is sooo good.

Also: I have had diarrhea ever since the second day I got here. so there's that. But it does not impede the work of the Lord!

Thanks for all of your prayers and emails,

Elder Wagner

The 2 hour hike to Las Anonas with Tayron and Eduardo!

Elder Wagner found a friend!

The random video sent on Saturday by Eduardo!  Totally made this missionary mom's day!