Monday, March 30, 2015

Comayagua: Week 6 hospital, segundo bautismo, y conferencia general!

First of all, don't worry about the hospital part, on Tuesday we had to go because Elder Bingham's hip and knee were hurting really bad. But the hospital was awesome! it felt like america haha, it was all AC and all of the doctors could speak English. But yeah, apparently Bingham has been going without his ACL for quite a while now in his knee. He got a shot in his hip, and we were commanded to be on 4 days rest, which low-key kind of sucked. 

Although I did get to study a lot! Including this, which is D & C 21:5, which talks about how the saints should regard the prophets words as if they were coming from Christ himself. And this next week, we will get to hear from the prophets and apostles!!! I am so pumped! And I know that the words they will say are truly inspired, and that we should abide by everything we hear and feel, especially on the promptings we feel from the Holy Ghost.

But yeah, it was kind of a slow week, and the only way we could get around is paying for a taxi, so we could only get to a couple of investigators a day. (taxis are like 50 limps for a ride. its not a lot, but it adds up haha). 

But yes, we got the opportunity to baptize Jerson, a 12 year old from that family in that picture last week! He and his little brother are like foster kids, and we called his mom who is in the states, and we got permission to baptize him. Jerson is actually really smart, and it was really fun to teach him and answer his questions (he really liked to ask us a bunch of questions). But yeah the baptisms were great, the hermanas' investigators wanted me to baptize them so I am dressed to baptize too.

Also, Maribel is looking like a good convert, she has started to hang out with the adultos solteros, and I think she is making friends, which is good. 

I am really thankful for the opportunity to study the scriptures a lot this week, I finished the Book of Mormon again! and I am in 2 nefi in el LdM (2 Nephi in El Libro de Mormon-- the Spanish Book of Mormon). My patience was tried this week, but yesterday was good. Bingham's hip was all good, so we had a full proselyting day yesterday. 

And a member got us pizza for dinner! I love pizza!

My Spanish is really coming along, I can talk and kind of make jokes with the members haha, but I really can understand what is going on, and I am so grateful for that. 

Thanks for all of your prayers and thoughts! 
Love, Elder Wagner

p.s. oh and this week is Semana Santa, so that will be interesting, yesterday there was a parade for palm Sunday, so like no one came to church. Yeah and church this week was not so swell, only 122 came, usually we have like 150. Although we did get 5 investigators to come as we do our roundup in the morning. It is crazy to see the excuses people make up though.

p.s.s.  I forgot!!! I GOT THE PACKAGE ON FRIDAY! it was such a boost! I loved the fruit snacks! And I am saving the oreos and jelly beans so I can splurge on Easter haha :) 

Jerson's baptism!