Monday, March 16, 2015

Comayagua, Week 4

What a weeek! 

On like Tuesday, we went to tegucigalpa to have the nuevos evaluacion. It was really fun to see all my buddies from the CCM, and their crazy stories and how some don't have running water. haha, I guess I have it pretty good here in comayagua, with running water and a normal hot shower. And we have a member do our laundry for us. 

Anyways, this week we focused on finding more people to teach, which basically meant a crap-ton of contacting and walking. Our favorite method is to ask if people knew a Jose who lived around there, then it is pretty easy to talk from there. In fact, we used that method and this old lady named Lourdes really liked us, and she loved the 1st lesson! unfortunately she went up to teguc on Sunday, but we will see this week if we could put a fecha with her. Also, one day we were contacting for a couple of hours, so we decided to take a break and get some paletas. Anyways, we were eating them, and a guy passes by on his bike elderes! Usually people just call us hermaanos, so when they call us elderes you know they know the church. Any-whoo, he stopped and we talked with him and apparently he was taking the lessons 3 years ago but then the elders transferred. He came to church, and he seems pretty positive about wanting to change his life and stop drinking beer and stuff. We will see with him this week, and hopefully we can talk to his family.

So this Saturday we will have our baptisms for Maribel y Suyapa! Maribel is really strong, I think she will be a great member, she loves church. So yeah, that's exciting, and we found her whole family and we are starting to teach them to. Referencias are so much better and easier than street contacts, we are so grateful for fma hernandez.

Apparently a guy came to comayagua with Ebola or something, so everyone was freaking out and our ZLs put us on lockdown, and told us to board our windows. They all thought ebola was airborne! haha, so me and elder bingham put an end to that haha, so all is well. 

Holy crap menudo. We had the hot soup and I was sweating like crazy, and there are just four huge chunks of the cow intestine. I went for the chunks first, and I was chewing them forever!! They aren't bad, they just are so dang chewy! So it took me like an hour to finish my soup haha.

Still have diarrhea. Apparently Elder Bingham still has diarrhea too. I have just accepted that I wont have a solid poop ever again. haha. 

Thanks for all of your prayers! The field is white and ready to harvest here in Comayagua! We need more missionaries! 

It was good to hear from everyone

Elder Wagner

P.S. Oh! so our bishop here served in Ventura, CA! and he served in Bakersfield for 6 months! I think he was in the east stake it sound like. He was there when it snowed! anyways, that was cool haha

Animal Friend Pictures:

Our apartment gecko friend!

And a pig friend!