Monday, March 30, 2015

Comayagua Week 5: ¡Primer Bautismo!

Whats up family and friends! This was a pretty crazy week, it straight up flew by. So on Wednesday I had intercambios, so I went to a little town called Flores, which is about 30 minutes away in bus. There, its only a branch, and they have zero dinner appointments with members, and so I am just super grateful to be in Comayagua with all of the members, and that i have enough money to buy cereal haha. But yeah, I was with Elder Piccon, from Nicaragua, he is almost done with his mission. I think I learned a lot of Spanish, plus I became way more confident in my spanish because i could have a conversation with elder piccon. I still have a ways to go though.

So yeah, Friday we had the baptism of Maribel! I got to baptize her! It was really cool, but the sad thing is that her sister suyapa completely avoided us this past week, and Maribel told us that suyapa doesn't want to get baptized anymore. Basically the whole family of maribel is extremely Evangelico, and they are pretty set in their ways, which was sad and hard for Maribel. but I think maribel will be a great convert, she is already at 1 nefi (Nephi) 15, and she reads every day, which is great, and she already has friends at church.

Another cool thing, there is this really cool part member family that we have been teaching, and we are baptizing their 12 year old kid this Saturday. the mom and dad are waiting on a divorce from the dads previous marriage (they are from previous elders, this divorce has been taking forever) and we have been teaching the mom's cousin Wendy, and she wants to get baptized! But, she is a maestra at the Cosecha church, so her husband doesn't want anything to do with us, nor do her friends at the other church. We will have to see with her. I will attach a picture of the family that we had celebrated the birthday party of the little 3 year old named angel. it was super fun!
Crazy: We just left our apartment one day and we met this crazy american selling peanuts! We were like, what are you doing in Honduras? And then he went on about how 2015 is a big year, and how Russia and the us are going to have WW3, and that america will be destroyed. haha and we keep seeing him on the streets selling peanuts, haha he is crazy. 

Happy early birthday to Andrea!! The mormal pics you look great! wow! That will be great if you can get your valley time soon, so then you don't have to worry about it for the rest of the season.

And happy early birthday to you, mom! I hope the del rio kids aren't driving you nuts! Enjoy pink champagne cake for me!

Food: We went to pizza hut this week! and burger king! I love comayagua!

General Conference! Lets go!

The church is true everyone! 

Love Elder Wagner
Maribel's baptism!

Angel's birthday party