Monday, March 9, 2015

Comayagua, Week 3

What's up guys? It was great to read everyone's emails this week. 

So, we kind of had an interesting week. Wednesday we ate lunch at a members house and then my stomach hurt so bad for the rest of the day, and then we had our appointment with Maribel y Suyapa, and I HAD to use their toilet, and I absolutely destroyed it hahahah. I kept thinking of the Sponge-bob episode where Patrick destroyed squidwards toilet hahah. And then, I threw up. and after the lesson haha I kept throwing up in the street, so we called it a day and took a taxi back. 

The next day was zone conference with Presidente, and it was really good! I was still pretty weak, but we were only sitting down. I actually understood most of everything! So yeah, my Spanish really has improved, I actually know what is going on in our lessons usually, which is pretty nice.

So cool story, we got this reference from the zone leaders who had contacted this pablo in the street, and he was really positive, and he lived in our area. So, we went and looked for a pablo argeta in barrio milagro by the kinder (that's where the zone leaders said he lived) and we asked everyone!! But, no one knew him. so, after about an hour and a half, we gave up and started leaving barrio milagro, but I said a mini prayer in my head ´to just help us find this pablo eventually`´. All of the sudden, a family on a porch started hailing us to come over, and their little kids ran and lead us to the house! We taught the first lesson, and they were so positive!! They accepted baptism too! However, they didn't make it to church, which was kind of a bummer.
And the Saturday before church we did a huge trip to like every menos activo (;ess active) we knew to try to get them to church, because it was ward conference. A bunch actually came, and we had 169 people at church! It was awesome and packed! Hopefully we can keep the asistenccia up in the following weeks because they were worried we might turn into a rama (branch). The biggest challenge we have here as missionaries is getting people to come to church. 

Anyways, yeah! I had a good week! So it looks like for sure for sure we will baptize maribel, and suyapa, and maybe their sobrina, braisly on the 21st. This Saturday we are supposed to baptize adan, but he has only come out church once, and he has been avoiding us.

Food: Yeah every Friday after district meeting we go to Wendy's. It is amazing. And the beans have become tolerable. When I first got here it took me forever to chew and swallow a mouthful of beans, but now I've learned how to swallow really quick so that's good, thanks for all of your prayers in that regard. but hey, I get to eat a bowl of cold cereal every morning, maybe lunch sometimes, so I'm pretty happy.

Mom: in thinking about food for my package, I have been rationing my goldfish and my gummy bears that I got from Christmas,those keep me sane. so if you could send me stuff like that. and yeah twinkies are always good haha. 

It was a good week! It is good to hear from yall! The church is true!

Elder Wagner

Comayagua, the Beauty 

The Scarlet Macaw-- the national bird of Honduras!
They are very rare and on the endangered list.