Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Juticalpa Week 30

hey familia!

this was a good week, filled with lots of finding and trying to replace investigators that just aren't progressing (or we cant find them haha) (or they don't answer their phones) 

but yeah! lunes the power went out again, so we couldn't work :( 
butt martes we had a big day found a lot of new people to teach.

this week alejandro, the one with the super powerful tstimnoy on the book of mormon... his now pregnant gf doesnt want anything to do with us :/ but hes so awesome!! 

another guy 51 yer old israel came to church for the 2nd time, we have him for the 3rd of octover, looking pretty good there, we hope and pray that he can cumplir con la palabra de sabiduria and castidad. 

Devin! we put antoher date for the 26th! he is down to 2 cigarrettes ad ay and now is dropping that and coffee cold turkey (and he hasnt drank for like a 1 montha nd a half now!) 

alos en jjueve s we found a old guy and he came to church with us! he just is super old, has a hernia (a really bad one, it stikcs out eeekk haha) 

OH AND ON FRIDAY I GOT MY PACKAGES (haha emily sent me one too ) 
Also i have very good plans to put sausage in the mac and cheese
fruit snacks
oh and the slim jims are so dope, i gave the latinos a couple and they went crazy over them haha. but yes, thanks so much for the package mom:) and the pictures of my nephew!! 

on domingo was a really slow day... and then all of our good appointments at night fell. So it was like 7 at night, and we really had no idea what to do, so we decided to pray. we were so tired bec we had pretty much walked and contacted all day,  but I know God answers prayers and HE gave us strength, energy and also the Spirit , which guided us to 2 guys who talked to missionaries in tegucigalpa, but then they moved. I just know that God is alwasy there, and we have to be Patient, patient not meaning not doing anything and waiting, but, waiting whilst doing and working. working with teh firm hope that God will go through with His promises. That is true patience. 

I love you guys! transfers tomorrow so that'll be interesting, elder paz and i staying here for another change for sure. The Gospel really is true, and there literally so many blessings waiitng for us, all we have to do is obey. 

I CANT wiat for general conference! (those tlaks if you send me them need to be in mp3 format)

Love, Elder Wagner