Thursday, October 8, 2015

Juticalpa Week 31

Hey family!! 

good to hear from y'all!!! this week was filled with lots of work! Elder Paz and I set a goal to have 10 people in church this Sunday, so we decide to have 20 people commit to come to church. so yeah we really worked hard this week, found a lot of new people as well.

However,we only had 3 in church,. a little frustrating because we went all out woke up super early and did divisions with or lider misional and a rm and we went to walk some investigators but they basically rejected us. so this week we just have to find better people who wont lie to us, it reminds me Of what president nelson told us when he was here, that if an investigator lies and doesn't keep his/ her appointment or doesn't go through commitments, they definitely are not honest enough to take upon themselves the covenant of baptism. Presdient Ferman has really focused on that as well, that we really need way better converts. Speaking of which, we've been really working hard with Devin, we put another fecha for the 17 this month (3rd times the charm ) he will be an amazing convert he just still has his problem with smoking. But we are going to fast with him this week and also give him a blessing.that, coupled with prayers of faith and his study of the Book of Mormon will get him to baptism and true conversion. Other than that the other guy we were teaching who is quitting smoking just started working on Sundays :/  But on Friday we had intercambios with the zone leaders and i went to catacamas and elder paz found an awesome prepared guy! He came to church, and he has really been searching the truth. We will see with that.

other than that, we had a pretty crazy Sunday because I gave a talk like last minute lol and elder paz taught gospel principles and we both taught elders quorum. Really felt like we were carrying the branch. But yeah we had an excellent ward council afterwards, and we are really starting to gain their confidence. It has been really cool to see how this branch has changed since i first saw it. 

ate a bread. called {pan de pan{  bread of bread? but it was super delicious. Ony have the goldfish left, but i do feel fatter. We've been running in the mornings. crazy stuff haha.

super pumped for conference. But i think our leaders might make a rule that if we don't have investigators we wont be able to watch some :/ but hopefully we can bring everyone and their mom to church this weekend.

Love y'all!!!

May we never lose the awe of Atonement, and of the restored truths that we know, including the Book of Mormon and that fact that we have a living prophet that guides this church.

Love, Elder Wagner

Elder Wagner at a well

Elder Paz fixing a well

Elder Wagner

Elder Wagner again 

killing ants

Looking for people to teach  ;)

a little pizza time