Saturday, October 31, 2015

Juticalpa Week 34

wow great to hear from y'all. the emails were all great.

Alright so the reason i'm writing today and not yesterday is because we went to these crazy caves in catacamas! but the zone leaders planned it pretty poorly so we didn't get back until 6 at night, without dinner or lunch. so i don't think the missionaries from juticalpa are going to be able to go to the caves again. But yeah we got back and then the power went out. The power goes out so often its so frustrating because we cant work. 

But yeah other than that we had a good week, with Sunday an answer from our prayers. we've really been struggling because we don't have any people we know that we are going to baptize for sure for sure, so we were just praying so hard and working so hard that we could get, at least one new investigator to church who can be ready to be baptized (because our others just have problems that have been insurmountable.} i think with the Kevin guy, he is moving to the states, without his girlfriend, so we hope that we can give him the dates to get baptized there in Miami. i swear everyone here goes to Miami. And Devin is still coming to church, he just has mighty struggles with smoking and he returned to drinking, which kind of was not good . But yeah the miracle from God was that our prayer was answered miraculously on sunday!!! A guy named david showed up, he had been with the missionaries for like 2 years ago, and he went to church a couple of times but then had moved. But yeah he is super fijo for the 14 of november. But yeah transfers are next week, and it looks like i will leave (we dont know yet, but it is highly probable) sure gonna miss juticalpa, it has been hard here but i have learned a lot. 

Oh haha i used a new way to ask for references, i call i the 'pity' way, and it's worked!!! I just talk how we are sweating all day under this dang sun, and we want to know where your friends live. haha we've been getting way more! 

Oh yeah the caves were super cool!!! and cheap! if i come back to Honduras i'd take y'all there. it was super chill because the guide just let us go off the path a lot and there were so many bats. and at the end there was a cemetery with dead people from 300-700 before Christ, super interesting slash scary haha. they said there was a lot of unexplored stuff too, it was huge, with lots of passages. 

I love y'all! I really wish i could be with everyone at Grandmas funeral, but yeah that is super cool that me and Tyler are honorary pall bearers, made me tear up a bit reading that. It just brings me back to the absolute trueness of the gospel, it really gives us so much peace. 

And way to go Jacquie for testifying at work!! Happy birthday and that's awesome!

i'm planning on buying stuff on Monday before i leave here, i bet the nativities will show up like in December. i will keep my eyes peeled.

love yall! 

Love, Elder Wagner