Friday, October 9, 2015

Juticalpa Week 32

general conference was sick i feel so fat spiritually and so pumped to work this week. I also felt that it went by wayyy too fast haha. But no yeah it was awesome, like many of you, I loved Larry Lawrences talk! It was so applicable! I also learned a lot from the talk eyring gave on the Holy Ghost.. Also it was an amazing experience to watch and hear the testimonies of the 3 new apostles. I also loved bednars talk about the old apsotles and how they combat with age. Unfortunately only one investigator came to conference, after a week of inviting everyone :/ BUT, he is super awesome looking for the truth. Haha he found the blog mom! and he showed us the pic of me and elder paz. problem is that he has a girlfriend. 

But yeah we had quite the experience Thursday or Friday. It was late, and we didn't have anything to do but contact, so i asked, kind of in frustration, which calle, this one that one or this one, and elder paz was like This one! so we went, found this house (we both could've sworn that we had contacted this house before... and that we had talked with this woman before... it was like  a deja vu or something) but then she let us in and we just started talking to her and her husband. After getting to know them, we had an amzing 1st lesson, and she told us after that she had prayed that morning at 3 for guidance in her life. So we answered their prayers! it was so cool, and they accepted the restoration. The problem is that the guy needs to divorce his old wife and then we have to marry them.. (But gratefully they have money and are willing to do the sacrifice to pay for their wedding to be baptized!) Sure was an answer to our prayers, because other than that we really haven't had all that much success. I know that the Lord watches us and continues to guide us, and sometimes we just have to be super patient until He answers. 

I also started this week off PONDERIZE
i hope everybody one can ponderize a scripture every week!!! i want to hear back from yall on the scriptures you chose and how it went

haha hope yall have a good week! its been quite rainy and at the same time super hot. lots of mud. and the power goes out like all of the time here so annoying

Love y'all!!

Love Elder Wagner

Elder Wagner & Elder Paz

Elder Wagner