Saturday, October 17, 2015

Juticalpa Week 33

Hey family!

writing somewhat late today because we decided to embark at 530 in the morning to go and climb this mountain! it was super fun but yeah we got to some serious jungle craziness. i found a baby snake. we also found this guy who decided to guide us through the jungle coffee growth and we were just following him it was nuts i ran into this huge beehive, and the four sister missionaries were right behind me luckily i didn't get stung or anything i just ran, but unfortunately they got bitten a few times. i really didn't mean to and all i could do was just tell them to run! haha. but yeah we are super tired haha. 

Yeah so last night the power went out at like 5 so we just hung out at the house all night and i got the call from mission presidents wife that Grandma Wagner had passed away.  We have all lost a great teacher and mother, and Grandma Wagner will be greatly missed. But, as I thought about it all, How grateful i am for the Gospel, and our knowledge of the Plan of Salvation! It gives us all so much hope and peace, and we know that Grandma is now happy, freed from the pains of mortal life. I am so grateful for that, that we know what happens after death, and, thanks to Our Savior, we will all overcome death. God really is our loving Heavenly Father.

But yeah this week was interesting we did a bunch of contacting on Tuesday . and on Wednesday we had a super powerful lesson with our investigator, Kevin (the one that reads the blog haha, he keeps showing us pictures) The problem is that he is going to the states soon and doesn't want to get married :(   

However! We found a super hilarious guy named Kewin, he is so funny! and he really is looking for the truth! like during the 1st lesson he like changed his seating position and just ripped his pants! and then it happened again so he went and changed in the middle of the lesson. I was laughing so hard and so was he hahaha. We also had interviews with President, which basically took all day. The sun seemed super bright this week and a lot of mud from the rain. Also i had a good fast, and we had a super great branch council, it think the branch is going to fast to help us find families. 

Good week overall, i m really trying to be and get animated! Cheerful! my ponderized scrip was from 2 Nephi 10:26.  it talked about that we have the power to choose eternal life, and that we must cheer up our hearts! 

Love you! 
Love, Elder Wagner

Elder Wagner and Fred the snake