Saturday, October 31, 2015

Juticalpa Week 35

It has been a good week (what looks to have been my last here in juticalpa) My heart is with all of you for the funeral of Grandma Wagner. 

Speaking of which, in reference to this week, i had a cool experience about Grandma.  On Sunday, in priesthood, (we have Sunday school, then priesthood, then sacrament mtg here) the branch presidency asked me to give a talk, last second -- haha. But i literally had no idea what to talk about. As we entered the sacrament meeting, i still had no idea what to say. But, upon pondering as I took the sacrament, and thinking about the Atonement and what it is has offered for me, I began to think about how, with out the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, I and everyone else would not have a chance for eternal life. And that i could not see my family again. Then i thought about Grandma Wagner, and her recent passing. As i thought about these things, I got called to speak and I began to bear my testimony of the Plan of Salvation, and how i knew, with 100 surety that I would see grandma again, all thanks to Our Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ. I talked about how we shouldn't lose these basic truths that we have thanks to the restored gospel, and i shared Moroni 10:32, about how can become perfected in Christ, thanks to His grace, if we do our part. I felt the Spirit testifying strongly through me about these simple truths that we have, and that we should do all that we can to help others to understand these truths. 

What a great experience that was, and I am so grateful for the Spirit guiding me and also comforting me with this knowledge that we have. Grandma Wagner will be missed, but, we will all we able to see her again, becuase of what Christ did for each and every one of us. How grateful i am for the Atonement!

Other things that happened this week: we have found a bunch of families, and I know that we can bring one of them to baptism! Already they are reading and praying about the book of Mormon, and like these 5 families couldn't come to church this Sunday but the next. I have a surety that at least one will get baptized (the most positive is a couple that is married!!) She had a great experience reading the book of mormon and praying, and she told us so excitedly that she had hugged the Book of Mormon despues haha. 

the fecha we have, David is awesome, he is the only investigator i have had so far who does the additional study questions in the back of the pamphlets haha. super cool. a shame i'm leaving tomorrow (we think so, but we haven't received the call yet) It has a been a good time with elder paz, i have learned a bunch from him, and he now isn't pedro anymore (haha i got him to talk more animatedly and stuff ) We'll see where i go next... 

Also i had a crazy dog experience! there was one dog down this one street and elder paz is always so scared, but i was like, lets go down here, and then literally 20 dogs came out from the monte (mountain), the super tall grass and they almost started to chase us, luckily we didn't run. I think the Lord protected us on that one. 

I love you everyone! Saludos a todos! 

Elder Wagner says hi to all of the cousins and aunts and uncles! 


Elder Wagner

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