Sunday, August 2, 2015

Juticalpa Week 20

hey fam! 

i had a way better week this week, thanks to all of your prayers!! wow, also awesome with the 1st grandkid!!!! IM AN UNCLE!!! congrats kevin and jessica, seth looks like a pretty sweet nephew. hehe. but yeah i had a super awesome week! 

lunes, throughought that day and martes, i really felt y'alls prayers in my behalf. first week here in juticalpa was rough, i think i just was super homesick from comayagua, i really missed all of my converts and investigators. However, juticalpa is awesome!!!! 

on martes elder silva and i really hustled got a bunch of really good lecciones and news. 

on wednesday, we put four fechas with the family that we had contacted my first saturday here who went to church! theye are so ready]!!! There are so many people ready here, we just have to continue to balance teaching and finding more prepared people. 

ON jueves i think elder silva got chikungia, but he still worked which was sweet. also, my new favorite word in spanish is ´crapear´ hahaha all of the latinos use this word!! haha. also we taught thesse catolicos who were only primarily interested in us because i was from the states, but then we taught the restoration and they just ate up the angels part! i really love using this gospel pic book to demonstrate the lost authority and then the return of the authority throught the angels pedro santiago y juan with jospeh smith. I love the gospel!! and the misssion!! 

on viernes we had zone mtg in catacamas which is like 1 hour from here, this is a really spread out zone, but it was good. also, mom, here is the mission blog, mhc1518. tomorrow we have an activity with president ferman. he didn't change many rules, only with drinking water in the members houses. 

sunday we fasted, whew it was rough! but fasting was so rewarding!!! i love how easy it is to feel the spirit whilst fasting! i also taught principios del evangelio class in church on the spot, that was fun. my spanish it really improving, but i still have a lot to learn. 

thanks for all of the prayers!!! happy 4th everyone! also go usa! we saw part of the womens cup in a lesson yesterday haha. 


UNCLE Elder Wagner