Sunday, August 16, 2015

Juticalpa Week 24

yep so on martes president ferman called and im training! 

so the next day i went to teguc for the mtg, it was cool, im super pumped to train. yeah it was a long day i was just in the bus all day kind of hectic because we are so far out, and we kept on changing companions along the way to teguc. But yeah other than that, we didn't work hardly at all because silva got chikungia, so that was kind of disappointing. 

on Friday we had a zone meeting in catacamas, and Saturday was our district leaders bday, elder rodas. it was super fun we bought and cake and ice cream for him haha ill send the pics. We also found a guy, a friend of a recent convert who really has a bad addiction to alcohol and he really wants to change, we helped him a lot and he came to church! all 3 hours! which was cool because this Sunday the hours changed, this tiny little capilla has two pretty big ramas, and now our church starts at 8 and sacrament mtg at 10. with sunday school at the 1st hour, only had one come for principios del evangelio. But sunday night we had a super good lesson with angel, from familaia juarez, we pretty much explained the plan of salvation to him with lots of detail bec he had a bunch of questions (its interesting bec we hardly teach the plan of salvation with such detail, but by the end he understood it all and realized how important the book of mormon is. I really pray that he receives an answer. the spirit was super strong in the lesson. 

well next week i will be with a newbie!! It will be fun and a good experience. This transfer definitely wasn't easy,. but i learned a LOT and I hope to continue to learn how to apply the Atonement of our savior Jesus Christ in my life and in the lives of others. 

Love yall!!

Elder Wagner

Birthday Party!!

Juice Addiction!!