Monday, August 17, 2015

Juticalpa Week 25

Elder Wagner and his newbie, Elder Paz
hey fam!!

sounds like the lake was pretty sick!! i had a pretty crazy week too, with the changes and all. bueno, on monday we played water balloon volleyball as a district super fun. oh yeah and today we are writing late because we went to catacamas and played soccer. 

but yeah this week was pretty sweet, on tuesday we had cambios, so we all went to tegucigalpa. it is always super fun to be with all of the missionaries because know i know a bunch, and I sat by Elder Dunn!!! I really miss that guy, we're seriously best friends, such an awesome missionary 
and then all of us trainers got to welcome the news, and I got Elder Paz! He is from nicaragua tambien, but he actually speaks alright ingles. We didnt get bak to juticalpa until 7 at night, but he has a bunch of energy to work, and i worked him super hard this week,and it is really nice to have a companion who is willing to obedient. He is great haha, pero a veces he reminds me of pedro from napolean dynamite, because he mumbles like him and talks like him! 

But yeah we had a sick week we found a great family that came to church with us, and we also put a fecha with debin, we are working super hard and enjoying it. but this week was pretty dang hot haha. 

also like on Saturday we ate moronga, also known as pig blood, so it is just like sausage but cooked pig blood, it was super super greasy gnarly stuff. 

oh yeah and i weighed myself at the news mtg and i weigh 170 with my suit and stuff! i bought some eggs so maybe i can build some muscle haha. 

but yeah this week we a had bunch of powerful lessons and some sweet study sessions. Every night we got back and elder paz would just knock out lol. but he'll get used to the schedule, but yeah it has been a sweet week.

Thanks for all of your prayers!! This work is truly inspired!! i definietly have seen the hand of the lord in my life here in juticalpa,. and I know that He will bless yours lives as we keep the commandments and our covenants and continue steadfast in teh faith.

Love, }}
Elder Wagner

after the soccer game!
super blurry..... Elder Wagner and his "lineage" of trainers