Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Juticalpa Week 26

this week really flew by it was a good hard working week, elder paz and i really pushed each other this week. We have accumulated a bunch of new investigators now, and so now we really have to focus on getting them all to progress. Also, this week i have been quite diligent and have been making my bed every day and have been neat. Maybe i can change that about myself here in the mission. 

A family that we brought to church last week accepted a baptismal fecha this week!! it was really hard though we found out from the wife that the husband beats her .... and they're not married so to get them baptized we have to marry them... its kind of like walking on ice teaching with them haha,  but it has been good the lord has really helped us a bunch. Also, we have an awesome guy named devin, he is super busy and had still has a ridiculous crazy addiction to alcohol. But he has been going strong for 2 weeks. He comes to church on his own. Also we have a baptism this Saturday with johanna, but the adversary is working really hard, the whole family is kind of against us, so we will see if we can baptize here, to perhaps animate the family. 

what else? uh it has been super dusty and i have had insane allergies and its been raining so supper muddy but yeah we have been going out with the members also. I hope this week we can really get more people to church. 

here are two firepower scrips, 2 nefi 33:11, y moroni10:27 these really amp me up and testify of the importance of the book of mormon in this work. I challenge y'all to strengthen your testimony in the book of mormon and share it with others!!!

but yeah haha elder paz is sweet, he just talks like pedro man. like in the lessons and contacts haha.  haha. but in the lessons we have been really unified and the Spirit has been really strong. 

oh yeah funny pic the elders from below came up to hang out, and i was in the other room studying, and it got all quiet and they all fell asleep! haha so i took a pic lol}

love yall!! 
Elder Wagner