Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Juticalpa Week 23

hey family!! had a pretty good week, good to hear from yall

on martes we had entrevistas con presidente ferman!!!!! it was awesome!!  president ferman actaully talked with me! He told and helped me with a lot, like with correcting disobedience and stuff with companions i really love the guy and how he works.

oh and holy crap a murcielago (a bat!) flew into our apartment!!! in broad daylight!! it was nuts haha it was just flying around lol. 

but yeah wednesday we went back with familia juarez, theyre so postiive and they have so many questions!! I just hope that they can truly pray and humble themselves and receive an answer that the book of Mormon is true. 

On Thursday we had a really good noche de hermanomiento with our investigators, but on friday we didnt have much luck finding and elder silva decided to waste time in a members house. 

and then Saturday I was super sick i crapped my pants in the middle of the night and threw up and then we just visited our fechas and i went home and slept. i had hardcore stomach pain, but by Sunday i was fine. IN branch council we are working really well with the members in retention and orientating our investigators, we have 6 fechas for the month of august and this week we look to find more. It will be hard probably because this is the last week for elder silva here in juticalpa.
funny moment of the week: a drunk guy was dancing super crazy with his giant beer bottle to the song IM ABOUT TO LOSE MY MIND UP IN HERE UP IN HERE
hahahaha i was laughing so hard hahaha.
yeah so now im back to 100 health and i hope to work out the end of this transfer well. this transfer has been a little rough, but i have learned a lot, including spanish.
love yall!!!

thanks for all of your prayers in my behalf!
love, elder wagner