Monday, August 3, 2015

Juticalpa Week 21

Hey fam and friends! 

This week was a good week overall, definitely with ups and downs for sure. 

On tuesday, we took a bus to campamento and had a double zone reunion con presidente ferman. Dude! I love the guy! Like literally the thing i loved so much about what he talked about was retencion!  pres ferman wants us to work with the members and retener!!1 It was awesome!! Like i feel like the chapters in pmg were always disregarded, the ones about working with the members and teaching leccion 5. 

Anyways, it was awesome, and it lead to later this week us and the hermanas having a reunion con the branch president! The branch president here is pretty new, but he is willing to work with us]! But yeah i love presidente ferman. 

On wednesday none of our contacts were home so we visited this big catholic family, and we taught the restauracion and i felt the Spirit so strong as I bore testimony of how we can pray to know the truth. I just love when we can feel the spirit in the lessons, aunque sometimes the investigators don't progress. Feeling the Spirit, to me, is a good indicator of how i am doing as a missionary. 

On Thursday we had noche de hermomiento, and we brought this 15 year old inv walter, he is cool haha, everyone here is playing clash of clans! haha so thanks to my experience in that field, its a good way to break the ice hehe. 

But yeah friday and Saturday were good we had lots of news and lessons, but sunday only 2 people came to church, but the one who came, karen, the aunt of walter is getting baptized the 25th. I love juticalpa! oh yeah on sunday it was like impossible to work everyone and their mom was at the estadio at the soccer game, literally no one was in the streets. 

Lots of work to do here! lots of bugs here too, and my pants always get muddy haha so thats annoying! 

Love yall! 

Love, Elder Wagner