Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Juticalpa Week 22

Hey fam and friends! 

Sounds like y'all had a really good week, so did i! 

Lunes after we wrote we played some kickball with peeps from the zone, pretty fun haha. And then! a family that we had contacted was home, and they were super positive!!! We just taught leccion 0 and made a return appointment to teach the restoration to answer the question why are there lots of churches. they were in teguc all week until last night, and we taught l1! it was super long, they had lots of questions, and The Spirit was there super strong, the Lord serioiusly helped us so much that lesson . They're going to read the Book of Mormon! Honestly they are so awesome, its a young couple who are married, and the guy is a lwayer. I really hope and pray that they'll pray and resceive an answer from the Lord. 

With retencion, we go the rama to call ward missionaries, so now we have 3 ward missionaries (but they're girls,,, so it only helps the sisters haha) but nonetheless we have some pretty good prospects to help build this rama. With the members we really have to exercise patience but the work is coming slowly with them. All this week we got a bunch of our investigators reading and praying about the libro de mormon, which is sweet, we have like 11 names for agosto that we could put fechas con, this week we are really going to put some fechas and verify about their reading of the book of mormon. The book of Mormon is how people gain testimonies, it is so powerful and I am always ever grateful for it, and how powerful it is in la obra misional. 

Oh and on viernes we had intercambios, and Elder Rodas, our district leader came with me to our area. He is super awesome and has really helped me.

But yeah this week was sweet, flew by! I love the fotos of my nephew!!! He is a champ. 

mom: wow congrats to mr. coleman!!! That'd be awesome if bro biron gets the centennial job! 
for laundry here i just pay this guy at a laundromat, 

i got ta go love yall!!!!!

love, elder wagner