Sunday, January 3, 2016

Tegucigalpa Week 36

Hey family!! 

I really loved all those photos form the funeral.

I have had a pretty crazy week this week, filled with LOTS of change!! so last Monday was my last day with elder paz we put two fechas with two familias there, super dope, i was pretty bummed to leave juticalpa. And on tuesday, all of the missionaries who had changes we all met up at the capilla at the temple! it was super cool to see all of my buddies, like elder dunn and just a bunch of other missionaries. So now i am here in the city! The city is nuts! Its completely different! I am here with elder gomez, he is from guatemala and he came in the same group as elder paz. But yeah its like all concrete here pretty ugly, but not as hot, which is nice. the water in the morning here is super freezing But yeah the barrio here is super strong, i look forward to working off of references here, we already put a baptismal date with a solid reference, and about 200 people assist here. (it felt like our ward back home, just without the cultural hall. So there are lots of new people to meet here. And they give us so much food!! and today we are writing late because we played soccer in a 5 zone soccer tourney thingy, it was like half the mission! so many missionaries! Tegucigalpa is crazy becasue all of the other missionaries are here super close. Also, I got called as district leader as weell, pretty crazt, and my district its just hermanas (so me and my comp, and two sister companionships) they do try my patience sometimes haha, and theyre all latinos except me haha. but I really have been learing a lot with all of this change. Pretty crazy stuff. 

the barrio is called Country. We have this huge 2 story church it is dope. (Also mom don't worry about the danger here, we share the area with the hermanas) 

Also there is a lil casears pizza hut burger king complex, so today i was basically in heaven. to my utmost disappointment my stomach has shrinked holy cow i could only barely eat 4 slices of pizza from the hot-n-ready, and i was starving! 

Also my experiences has really helped, i really have been correcting some streaks of disobedience, but with love of course 

What are everyones shirt sizes? like the whole family? 

Shout out to Jacquie for the dope package!!!!!!!!! ive practically inhaled all of the food haha

Change really helps us learn so much! I miss Elder PAz and juticalpa, but the ward is great and I see a lot of potential here!!! The Church really is true, and the Lord blesses us, and helps us lift our loads if we truly seek him and comply with his commandments

Elder Wagner