Sunday, January 3, 2016

Tegucigalpa Week 37

hey peeps! 

Solid week, i love the ward here! Bunches and bunches of referecias, and we have a baptism this saturday! Norlan, 18 years old, its dope! We are really encouraging him to prepare for a mission.
Also, we put a date with Marvin, who just separated from his wife, he is 28 years old, super awesome, he knows a lot because he was in a bunch of other churches, but yeah! 

What else happened?
Oh yeah, Elder Kevin R. Duncan, the president fo the central american presidency area vino! It was super awesome, we learned a crapton! These men seriosuly are servants of the Lord and tehy are called from God. He really animated us to have a bunch of progressing investigadores and to envision a stake, where there are only branches. But yeah super great. 

We also did a super cool activity where we put a table in the middle of a neighborhood with a bunch of pamphlets and liahonas and we just contacted a bunch. It actually worked really well! This one dude who lived in frisco texas that i had contacted came to church! And this week we are going to start the english classes, which will really help us to have more and more investigators.

Church is super awesome here, we don't have to teach sunday school or priesthood, which is awesome because we can just worry about the investigators making friendships with members. Although thsi sunday the power was out all morning, so we had a church without lights (imagine that back home) luckily the chruches here have windows

What more? 
Oh Elder Duncan showed us this video of missionaries in guatemala who shared a message with a member family, and then went and knocked their neighbors doors with the family, contacting them and inviting them to  a family home evening (i had thought the video was fake because the neighbors were so positive) But we decided to do this with a recent convert family and holy crap it worked! References are so awesome! 

My birthday was good, that was the day Marvin accepted his baptismal date. A family bought me a donut and sang to me happy birthday, so that was fun. this ward is great. 

I hope everyone has a great week, filled with work, studies, and of course daily prayer adn scripture study:)

I love yall!

Love, Elder Wagner

p-s. the water here is SO COLD holy crap it takes a lot of willpower to shower in the mornings, 

and a member washes our clothes for free, so thats nice. but we have to dry the clothes. maybe i should wash my sheets