Sunday, January 3, 2016

Tegucigalpa Week 38

Hey family!

This week was a good week, with a baptism! Super awesome, and there's more coming! Its been awhile since my last baptism, so that was nice, but it was a little crazy because he showed up 4 hours late lol but everything turned out okay, he{s come to church now 8 weeks in a row and has left behind alcohol and smoking, which is super duper! haha.

I really like this ward, and i really have fallen in love with  doing noche de hogar with everyone. Since we eat a lot here, i have extra money to buy ice cream for the family home evenings, which everyone loves (including me haha,, i bought this Neapolitan ice cream and the people here love it but i just couldnt help but remember the experiences we've had with Neapolitan ice cream haa with dad lol.  

But yeah a we had a sweet NDH with a menos activo family, and they have 4 daughters who are above 8 years old and arent baptized, and they came to church!!!! And Marvin is doing great, going to be baptized on the 28th, along with a couple of others. 

People here already have their christmas trees up and going and christmas lights, which is fun. this rich family gave us cinnamon rolls last night holy crap it was so delicious and they gave us hot chocolate because now its winter here apparently haha

oh yeah mom the lady who facebooked you is a recent convert she gave us the referecne of norlan who we baptized. 
I ve really learned a lot about patience this week with teh hermanas, it seems theyre always sick, but thats okay. 

cant think much of what else happened this week. We're really gonna start working for december!

A cool thing to imagine what Elder Duncan told us is to imagine stakes where there are only wards. It really helps us to imagine and to have to vision to have lots of success. Can you imagine a stake in the olive knolls ward? crazy stuuff.

But yeah solid week love yall! This work is true!

Love Elder Wagner