Sunday, January 3, 2016

Tegucigalpa Week 40

o sea, you gotta GRAB THE BULL BY THE HORNS! hahah that phrase came into my mind as i studied diligencia this week, i love when i get sweet revelation like that.

But yeah, we didn't have changes this week! so me and elder gomez are here together until January for sure! so that was pretty cool, one of the sisters got changed so things are going pretty good here in country. 

Also! I got two packages this week! One from Mom and one from Rissa! yippee! i love the memory stick with the talks and the music! except elder gomez doesn't like them because he cant understand the talks, but i've been teaching him English little by little

This week i really just felt the incluence of the Spirit on my life here. I have been counting my blessings and writing them down every day, its crazy how the Lord blesses me. 

But yeah we had a good week 6 people came to church! And president ferman spoke in our ward, so that was cool. But yeah we have 3 baptism for the 26 from a less active family and i think we are going to baptize a family in January! but we have to marry them and the problem is that now us missionaries we cant pay for the wedding, so we have to do fundraisers (which is good because the family sees the sacrifice and it motivates them) . But yeah not much else happened this week.

trying to think of what else happened this week... 

well, hope you have a great Christmas final week! Christmas will be strange here, everyone says like the 24th is a crazy holiday and everyone is drinking and there's fireworks, i think we enter the house super early that day. 
But yesh thanks so much for the packages! Ive been giving slim jims to investigators and members, they think they are so weird! haha. perhaps an idea for packages is chocalate. chocolate is super expensive here and the people love it! haha

okay well love y'all! have a fantastic week! make sure to read your scriptures every day and your daily prayers, it will help in the long run! and immediately too!

Love, Elder Wagner