Sunday, January 3, 2016

Tegucigalpa Week 39

Hey Family! 

Had another good week, and we have two baptisms this week! Marvin, a 28 year old guy who has really turned it around and adrian a 9 year old kid from a less active family.

After we wrote we played like 3 hours of basketball with all of the gringos here it was super fun like they're so many elders here in the city got to see elder dunn. Also, this week i learned it is WAY harder to contact here. The people in Juticalpa were so so nice and everyone would let us in, so there i learned to be super direct with the people to figure out who. But here, super dificil. but luckily the memebrs are so good here we have been getting lots of references. Also we met witht eh stake president last night to talk about teh missionary work and we have this sick movie nighgt planned for navidad and i think we are going to invite presdient ferman and we are also going to have lessons in the house of the stake presdiente and with our bishop. Through this way, we will really gain the confidence of all of the members. ON saturday i had interchanges with myZL elder Thorn! It was super awesome i learned so much and he is super cool. 

Oh yeah i guess a little more about elder gomez, he is super chill, still learning and stuff, but yeah super chill doesnt get mad and wants to work. He is from guatemala and he has crossed the border 3 times, all unsuccessfully resulting in deporting flights from houston to guatemala. haha but hes super cool. 

oh hey are we like at war with siria? Everyone and their mom here are saying that I am at war with siria. its weird not knowing the news and stuff.

Oh and today we went to Picaccho!! It is this giant Jesus statue on top of this mountatin that overlooks teguc its super cool! its in the other mission but we got permission, i wonder if cole ever went? but yeah it was crazy to see the airplanes land and cool to see all of our churches with teh white pointy points. and teh temple. 
We also reread the dedicatory prayer that Elder Nelson gave in 1991 at that same spot, and then we read our mission letter calls. Super spiritual and quiet up there, and it reminded me so much of my experiences in the mountains in young mens.

Have a great week!
Love yall! 
Elder Wagner