Sunday, January 3, 2016

Tegucigalpa Week 41

This week was crazy first we had the mission Christmas activity with half of the mission there. but elder paz wasn't there i still haven't seen him since i left him (haha he has called me a couple of times tho). but yeah the activity was super weird we got to watch Hotel Transylvania 2 ( i was pretty bummed because last year they watched frozen) but I laughed so much during that movie holy cow it entertained me so much. but then i felt super bad because of all the worldly things that were in the movie. 
On Friday we had a crazy day, because the night before we started to fast because our 3 baptismal dates fell so we were fasting, then we had district meeting, and then I had to interview the two dates the sisters had. basically we ended up fasting for ever and we were so weak, but then we returned to our area, and went back up (because where the sisters are they are like on top of this mountain thingy) and the lady and her daughter showed up to the baptism but then they didn't want to anymore. It was crazy and the sisters were crying it was nuts. it was hard for them because their area is hard and they had a bunch of members at the baptism waiting the font was full. crazy stuff. but yeah later our three dates for this Saturday accpeted otra vez, so much power in the fast. 

On church we had the primary program like 238 peopel came it was crazy full the kids are so awesome and spiritual. It was a good day, only a little bad because i had a crazy bout of diarrhea satruday night i hardly didnt sleep. but now i'm better. but yeah we had 6 inv in the church, things are going well. 

Hope you have a great festive week! super jealous about star wars! 

love you all!

love elder wagner