Sunday, January 3, 2016

Tegucigalpa Week 42

Good week it was great to talk to you all! this time was way better. i think last time i got super homesick but this time nothing at all! which was great! but yeah it was great to see you all time really has been flying by. 

But yeah like i was saying Christmas here was absolutely nuts. And it was pretty hard for the obra misional too. Like the 24th all day everyone started drinking and all day they are setting off fireworks (cuetes) and it felt like we were in a war zone iit was nuts. But yeah it sure didn't feel like Christmas at all, really sad actually. Couldn't sleep at all because music was blasting all night from the apartment above and below. And they light off these dinamte sticks which are crazy super loud, and rushes of air would enter into our apartments it was nuts. And then the 25th it was like a ghost town. But yeah we ate lot lots of food, torejas and nacatamales (basically tamales) . ANd grapes and apples. But people have been telling us that the 31st is going to be even crazier, which kinda sucks because these party things really slow down the work. But i imagine in January the field will be ripe.

ON sunday the temple president of honduras gave a talk in our ward it was super awesome. He talked of the stories of how the members would have to travel a week to get to the temple in arizona. Then of like 5 days to mexicol. Then of the day trip´to Guatemala. He talked of those faith building experiences of saving up to go for a weary travel trip. And then he gave us some really interesting statistics, of how MORE people from outside of tegucigalpa are coming to the temple than from the people super close. because he told of how pueblos from nicargua making thee sacrifices to come here, and the members here just take the tempmle here for granted. It was really great talk. 

What else? oh really funny there is this fat white guy super shy who served his mission here 11 years ago and got a girlfriend here. Haha its really pathetic but i guess its good hes still trying. 

Oh and my convert Marvin got here from San Pedro! He is so strong! We are going to have a sick week this week talking to all of his friends and stuff.

Well I love you guys! The mission is awesome!

Love Elder Wagner

Elder Wagner talking with his family- Christmas Day 2015