Monday, August 1, 2016

Tegucigalpa Week 47

hey family! 

I got the third package with all of the contacts and stuff! this new contact solution is groovy i like it my eyes are super happy now

ON tuesday we went to a multizone conference in comayagua! it was super crazy that we went there usually they do all of the meetings here in tegucigalpa but we went there! it was so strange being back there its so hot and it brought back lots of memories. i sure do want to go back and see how that family we married is doing. But yeah we learned a lot 

We have 3 baptisms this Saturday they are 16 year olds it has been fun we have been taking them contacting with us and it really helps and is a fun different way to do the missionary work. plus they are really pumped to serve missions too. We want to get their parents but the dad is missing a leg so kinda hard to get to church.

Also kind of got sick this week with who knows what haha i had like a fever of 102 a couple of nights. and like my arms and legs and chest were red. They think it might be chinkungya or sica (Zika)... idk but we have still been going out to work, so not that big of a deal. Plus i am always ready because i have so much medicine in my maleta its nice. 

Well thorughout the hard times this week i turned to the Boook of Mormon and to Heavenly Father this week. They literally are always there, and through them, and through the Spirit, we can be comforted and be given guidance. 

Have a good week! 

Love, Elder Wagner