Monday, August 1, 2016

Tegucigalpa Week 48

hey family, 

thanks mom and dad for fasting, i sure felt like someone was with me yesterday, very comforting as i took the sacrament.  The zone leaders and president have been helping me out. i think we have interviews with presidente this week 

but yeah on saturday we had 3 baptisms yay! but now we dont have anyone on date. but the baptism was super awesome we got a bunch of people to come i think it was the baptism with the most people i've ever had on my mission . So yeah they're youth from a street where there's a bunch of members. a brother and a sister 16 years old and 13 and a friend who is 14. This week they have been going to seminary every day (woo!) and yeah it has been great. The parents came too, but yeah the parents of the siblings the dad is missing a leg and they dont really want to get married. But yeah now we have been going out to contact and visit with gerardo and andres its super fun and i think we found a family that we can put fechas with. 

We also ahd an awesome spiritual find at night, where we had prayed where to go at night to find someone, and we found a lady named suyapa she was praying for guidance and the lesson was super powerufl even though in the other room people were drinking and stuff. Defintiely i have seen the Lords hand here, even though it has been hard. 

Also we have a sick stake mission leader he served in santa ana el salvador haha he knows emily but yeah he has been giving us references to his family who arent members. 

Thank you for your prayers, i sure have felt them. The Gospel is true, and the Lord has great and higher purposes, even though we don't exactly know all of them. 

Love you!

Love Elder Wagner